Insult and Injury – Powerlifting Progress

Back in Jan I announced my plans to focus on consistency in training and to enter a powerlifting competition within the year.
Squat Depth

Almost immediately after that declaration it was pointed out that my heavy squats were nowhere near the legal depth and to add injury to insult, my lower back decided it was a good time to rebel by tearing on a warm up Deadlift rep. So in early Jan, I quit drinking alcohol to remove all anti-focus excuses, drew up my plan of action and then found myself flat out on my back trying to recuperate my spinal erectors while pondering the mechanics of proper squat depth.

Fortunately my crossfit gym has a very good physio and one session with Mike seemed to be all I needed to start really low weight squats again. He set me off on some remedial exercises that involved wrenching my hips out of their sockets and then squatting face up against a wall. Within a few weeks I was daring to Deadlift again – gently and sumo styling.

Around the same time I discovered ROMwod which is a subscription based daily workout program, designed to improve mobility and range of motion via the practice of static holds.

ROMwodIt might sound a bit dull but it’s been a revelation for me. I do it almost daily, holding the kung fu style poses for upto 4 mins at a time, breathing deeply and listening to the meditative music. I feel totally zen at the end of the session and I credit the practice with my newly acquired legal squat depth.

ROMwod is easily the best £13 I spend each month.

So all in all, I seem to be in a reasonably good place at the moment. My lifts appear legal and my body is robust enough to be challenged again. In training for my first powerlifting meet with Strength Ambassadors, I have managed to secure personal bests in all 3 lifts and have finally cracked the psychological 100kg Deadlift barrier that has been taunting me for over a year.

Good job really because my first powerlifting meet is only 5 days away!

4 thoughts on “Insult and Injury – Powerlifting Progress

  1. warriorwoman Post author

    I haven’t had a drink since the 31st Dec and my Stella glasses are now reserved for the most disgusting smoothie concoctions imaginable.

  2. Amy

    Well done on the alcohol front. No way could Hubby and I give it up. I say “and I” – I could probably drink less but Paul is such a bad influence on me, ha!

  3. warriorwoman Post author

    I’m really surprised that I managed it too, normally I struggle to have a day off a week. Strangely once I decided that was what I wanted to do, it has been plain sailing. It helps that my partner is a very good influence though…..

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