Big Boob Bras

While searching for impact minimising sporty numbers in a 40G I was overwhelmed by the diversity of colour options available to me. It seems to me that bra companies have started to embrace the idea of a sporty larger boob and don’t mind if they stand out from the crowd!

I was sent this bright red offering from Anita to review and I bought the yellow and black version from Bravissimo – who knew they catered for sporty women?

The two bras really don’t have that much in common beyond their garish colours and sporty intentions. The Anita Active Momentum is a wireless high-compression bra designed for high impact sports like kick boxing.

The Bravissimo Inspire Sport is underwired and also claims to be designed for high impact.

I find myself wearing the Bravissimo on a near daily basis as it is incredibly comfortable and the underwire saves me from that dreadful feature common to most sports bras – the monoboob. It is however a little limited on the sports front partially because the beautifully padded shoulder straps slip loose extremely easily.  As a result the bob and sway increases in amplitude from the moment I start exercising. The other problem is the underwire which makes me nervous. I often find that with wear, underwires have a tendency to escape and head for the eyes. This discourages me from using it for grappling sports like BJJ and I also think the underwire would make it illegal for Powerlifting comps which have very strict and strange rules about women’s under garments.

The Anita on the other hand keeps the bosom under very firm control. Too firm for all day comfort but it is perfect for a jog on the treadmill or a game of badminton and the lack of potentially hazardous wiring makes it the perfect partner for BJJ sparring.

I’m delighted with the look of both big boob bras, although they both remain modestly covered with a bulky t-shirt at all times. While the Bravissimo wins on comfort and is definitely worn more often, it is only appropriate for more sedate occupations. The Anita on the other is dragged out when I mean business and need some chest compression.