A Miss Hit for Misfit

So I was sent the new Misfit Vapor to try out last month.

I relegated my Apple Watch to right wrist and gave the Misfit Vapor pride of place on the left.

The Misfit Vapor garnered quite a bit of attention. Not least because I was immediately identified as a bit of a wally for wearing two watches at once. It is quite stylish though and a number of people asked me if it was a Suunto.

So having gathered that it’s a fairly attractive watch we now get to the nitty-gritty bad stuff.

The Misfit Vapor remained on my wrist for a total of 48 hours before I slung it into my “messy drawer”, where I hoped it would quickly and quietly go to sleep for a very long time.

The watch proved to be a total nuisance. While it connected to my iPhone fairly seamlessly and clearly displayed my notifications, it wasn’t very good at shutting up.

I’d receive a call at work. My iPhone would buzz gently, my right wrist would buzz gently, my left wrist buzzed and hollered.

I answered the phone, whispered sweet nothings to my loved one while my left wrist continued to buzz and shrill. I finished the call and the Misfit continued its attention seeking routine, telling me I had a god damn call!

I actually can’t remember at what point it stopped announcing the call. It might have been after the battery finally drained.

I have to say that I am reviewing this from the perspective of an iPhone user. While it is technically supposed to work on iOS it has been designed for Google’s Android Wear. To get it to work on iOS you need to jump through hoops and install a hashed together version of Google Wear along with the Misfit app.

The version I used was clunky and it disturbed me to have to run a parallel App Store on my phone. The Misfit app itself seems to do very little and I found myself hopping around apps trying to fathom out how to alter simple things such as the watch display and notification settings.

There have been a few bug releases since I first tested it out but I’m afraid I have lost my patience and can’t be bothered to work so hard to get a fitness tracker to work. In my mind it is just not fit for iOS and if you are dedicated to Apple I would suggest going with the Apple Watch or a self-contained app and device such as Fitbit.

If you are not an Apple user I would suggest trying a different review as the watch does have a lot of potential, it has a lovely crisp, colourful screen and Android users seem to love it.

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