It struck me a few years ago that my life was a little unbalanced, in that my love for all things cerebral seemed to prevent me from taking part in anything physical. As a consequence my health wasn’t all that smart and I weighed in at a massive 22 stone! Walking to the corner shop left me with rotten back ache so I didn’t bother moving a lot, I did however, have a huge list of the things I was going to do when I miraculously got thin.

Emotional upset was the trigger for me to start putting my life in order. I chose to quit waiting and start doing, it wasn’t my weight that was stopping me living, I was managing that all by myself. In 2001 I started exercising slowly (this meant walking around the local park) and I started reducing my intake. As I started getting fitter I was able to take on more and more, I went on walking holidays and took up cycling again. I still have room for major improvements but I am very much fitter, 7 stone lighter and I am living.

This blog centres around my new found interest in exercise, particularly running, cold water swimming and all things strength related. I’m particularly keen on all the gadgets and statistics that the physical activity has enabled me to play with.
Running has been particularly fulfilling, the clear progress has given me a sense of achievement that outstrips any pride that I may feel towards my academic success. I would really recommend that anyone takes it up if they are looking for a satisfying challenge.

If you want to contact me you can comment on the blog or email me directly at

Review Items and affiliate Links

I regularly review gadgets and products, most of which I have bought myself but I am lucky to get sent freebies to review as well. I will only review products if I think they are a fit with my blog and if I feel I am free to write as I see fit. 

Historically I have identified freebies by saying something along the lines of “I was sent….” rather than “I bought…” but I now intend to be a bit more transparent in this respect. 

I will attempt to revisit old posts to reflect my new approach but it might take me a while. From July 2015 I intend to tag posts where I discuss or review gifts with “freebies” and indicate this at the end of my post. 

I almost never accept paid posts because they rarely form a good fit with my blog. If I do I will tag these with the word “sponsored”.

Finally I do also use affiliate links, mostly to Amazon books. I can’t remember the last time I received an Amazon affiliate payment, so this is by no means big business for me. I will however start to put an * after each affiliate link so you can choose whether to follow or not. I’d obviously appreciate it if you did.

50 thoughts on “About Me & Contact Details

  1. stephanie

    Well done on all the running, sounds like you’ve really caught on to the fever !

    Great site too, keep it up.

  2. Andrea Childs

    Hi there

    I’m looking for case studies for a feature for a women’s health magazine and I’d love you to take part. The idea is to show that you don’t have to be thin to be fit and that it’s better to be bigger and do regular exercise than it is to be a skinny couch potato. Would you be interested in being involved? The shoot would be next Friday, 2 March, so please contact me asap.


  3. Dan Bourke

    Hi, and thanks in advance for your time.

    I’m a Cardiff University student and am writing a study on citizen journalism and its impact on the journalism industry…

    I’m hoping to distriubte a simple, email survey to 100 bloggers such as yourself and was wondering firstly, if you would be willing to participate? It would only need two to three minutes of your time.

    I look forward to hearing from you,

    Many thanks again,

    Kindest regards,


  4. Em


    I found your blog when searching for more info on my newly acquired Garmin Forerunner 205. Like you, my new gadget inspires me to go out running even when I don’t feel like it, just so i can build up more stats / maps etc.!

    Despite working in IT, I hadn’t even realised you can show satellite images etc! So thanks to your (very interesting) blog, I am now getting more out of it.

    Maybe one day I’ll even get around to starting my own blog!

    Thanks, and good luck with the running,


  5. bodypower

    7 stone thats excellent, keep up the good work. I need to start running again but dont have much time

  6. Betsy

    Congratulations on the weight loss! (Of course I had to Google “stone vs. pound” to figure out what you weighed though) 🙂

    Although I started running to lose weight, I now found I have to do it for my sanity. I still have my days where I’d rather sit on the couch than run, but if I go too long without one, I really miss it. Besides, there’s nothing like the feeling of lounging on the couch after a long run!

  7. Susanne

    Hello, tonight I came across your website while looking for ‘women’ and ‘cycling’ and couldn’t stop reading for ages. Well done you to start running, cycling and dieting in the first place and to keep it going through all up and downs on the excel sheets. ( I love excel) Respect! You will be my inspiration for my own getting-fit-plans and I will be returning to this site to see what you are up to. You really look happy on those running pics.

  8. Sabre

    Nice to find a fellow ‘late-convert’ like myself… I also was overweight and found that I had completely missed out on a whole aspect of my life until I discovered long distance events. Then I learnt that just finishing… taking it slowly and having the grit and determination to go the distance… was far more important than being first.

    Now I’ve done half marathons, I love my bike and am starting my first cycle tour in 2 weeks time! And I’m loving every minute of it. Keep it up!

  9. Toby

    Hi ww
    We’re running a video campaign on behalf of Nike who are looking to appear on sites like Warriorwomen,
    and I’m enquiring if would you be interested in posting the film, which is targeted at your readers.
    The film is about Kelly Sotherton the British Heptathlete in a Nikelab to prove her belief in herself.
    You would be paid for the placement and so that your user’s know it’s commercial content, the video should be marked as ‘Promoted’.
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    Please let me know if you’re interested in this opportunity.
    Many thanks and I look forward to hearing from you soon
    best regards

    Toby Young

  10. Betty

    Well, first off lady, Yes…you must be admired for such an aesthetically appealing layout! I am a woman runner in Southern California…new to running, well post school track meet days! I haven’t weight to lose, just life to live to the fullest degree and I believe running has given me the edge to pursue and accomplish a life such as mentioned. I found your blog while looking for other women runners that are out writing on their experiences and gear…ha! Perfect. I am writing for a women’s running site here in the states and I would love for you to stop in and say hello, see what we are talking about and even contribute some of your witty write ups! I’ll be linking your blog in a post today. Look forward to seeing you on Traxee…bringing the active world closer together.


  11. Sai

    hi. just came across your site when i was looking for other running blogs. after 2 years of running i thought it’d be a great idea to start blogging and i’m just getting a look at how well others’ blogs are done! nice work, keep it up!


  12. Alex Brown

    This is an amazingly well maintained blog and I am happy to see a link to my GreatNorthRun site so many thanks for that!
    I also have 2 other sites your readers may find useful, and – please can you add a link to these sites too?
    In return I will add a link to your site from all 3 sites later today.
    Hope this is agreeable?

  13. Kay

    Hi – stumbled across this site – really encouraging reading – I live in West London and try to run between Hammersmith, Putney and Barnes Bridges at least once a month in between training for a 10K – so if you need a fellow runner give me a shout!

  14. Arleen


    I have a couple of questions about your blog:

    1) Is it OK with you if I spread some link love and link to your blog? I think my visitors would like your blog.

    2) I noticed on your blog that you link to other blogs… do you think its possible for you to link to my blog

    Please let me know what you think. Thanks for your time.


  15. Julie Farrington

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  16. michelle


    I hope you’re well and had a great Christmas and New Year!

    I work for Dennis publishing and would like to offer you a free copy of our new magbook “The Ultimate Guide to Marathon Running’ to review on your blog.

    Packed with key info and advice and featuring a forward by Liz Yelling, the publication dedicated to providing runners of all abilities the confidence, tips and support they need to prepare for any long distance run. I am keen to get some coverage for the publication on your blog and would be very grateful if you could write a review for this title.

    If you could give me an email when you get a chance and provide me with the best address to send a copy if wanted that would be great.



  17. Laura


    Before you know it, the January blues will be over – at least we hope that the coming months will bring some sunshine. I know I haven’t been for a run in a while. Hertfordshire is just too rainy and cold. I work with Polaroid sunglasses. And we like to talk to bloggers about sunglasses and, if they want, review them. Cathy at jogblog had a look at some last year – and she had some nice things to say about them – so did Taking Jelly Babies from strangers.
    It’s a new year and we’re launching a whole new collection with a real emphasis on sports. Would you like to try a pair? We’d like to know what you think and how they work for you?

    Please let me know if your interested.


  18. S Gayatri

    Hi! I am doing a blog mapping on sports, is it possible for me to get your contact details for this blog? it will be much appreciated!

    Thanks very much!


  19. Nat

    Hey – great blog, keep up the good work 🙂

    As you are a keen jogger and blogger, I wondered if you might fancy featuring or reviewing an product of ours on your blog? It’s a Sports Armband for the iPhone, designed to keep the phone secure whilst out running and safe from moisture.

    I thought the best place to test its capabilities was out on the road and that your readers might be interested in hearing about it if it held up to scrutiny! I’d be happy to send you out a free sample of the product in order for you to review; if you could just whack a link back to us in the write-up then that’d be great 🙂

    Looking forward to hearing from you

    All the best


  20. Jenny

    Hi there,

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    We also spotted that you are a fan of Park Run, Lucozade Sport are holding a mini running festival on May 29th with ParkRun across the UK. There will be free samples of Lite for runners to try and post run the runners will be treated to a eta and cake picnic.

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  21. Jacqueline Potter


    I’m writing to you on behalf of Scholl to see if you would like to do a review of Orthaheel leg and ankle stabiliser’s. The insoles are designed to help with pronation and platar fasciitis which I thought may be of interest to you and your readers as runners.

    If you would like some more information or would like to do a review please do get in touch.

    Kind Regards,

  22. Amy Clarke

    We are Fluid Flair, the cute run tee. We are always looking for ways to connect with other women runners. We are a small Signal Mountain, TN company started by two running moms. Our fans love to wear us to exercise, after a big race or OUT with their favorite jeans and flops or boots. We’d love for you to take a look and spread the word about Fluid Flair. Thanks, Amy

  23. Nick Lewis

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  24. James Dunne


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  25. Matt Holt

    Hi, really like your blog. I wondered if you might be interested in a freelance community manager role for a running clothing brand? Please email me at if you’re interested. If not, keep up the good work on the blog :0)

  26. trampolines

    Hi Angela

    love the website. Can I ask a question, i’ve just started running and have shin splints, they really hurt at the moment, can you give me any advice on how to deal with them?

  27. swimming pool reviews

    hello angela

    thanks for this blog, i read your posts on a weekly basis. I am an avid runner and looking to start my own triathlon blog soon

  28. JAde


    Is there an email address you could give me to contact you on please.

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  29. Simon

    great site, I own run a running blog and was wondering if you would be interested in swapping blogroll links? if so just drop me an email and ill send you my site info.

  30. pull up bars

    7 stone weight loss, that’s awesome, well done

  31. Jeanette K.

    What an inspiring story! I have lost over 30 lbs by getting active and changing my diet. I am starting to amp up my cardio. Seeing that you were able to do it makes me feel like it’s all in the realm of possibilities. Thanks for sharing!

  32. Richard Dale

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  33. Amy Harmsworth


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  34. Stephen

    Hi Angela,

    Great site, and very encouraging to read about the impact running has had on your health at all levels. I’ll send you an e-mail separately about my blog link as I don’t want to look like spam here!

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  36. bill


    How are you?
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  38. Paul

    Hi Angela, we follow each other on Instagram and I’ve just realised you have a blog. Just thought I’d pop over and say hello and to say how much I like it. Speak soon! Paul (Father Fitness) 🙂

  39. Moire O'Sullivan

    Hi Angela,

    Thanks so much for the kind words on your blog about my book, Mud, Sweat and Tears… It is so lovely to hear that it has inspired you to do bigm bad things!!

    It just so happens that I’ve released a new book: ‘Bump, Bike and Baby – Mummy’s Gone Adventure Racing’… all about trying to juggle parenthood, training, and my sanity ?

    Best of luck with all your future plans… and keep up the good work on the blog!


  40. VisionToHealth

    You’re amazing! Thank you! Just found this blog and it’s everything i need!

  41. Jon

    Do you still do critiques of powerlifting programs? Your juggernaut method article is one of the few I’ve found with photos and insight that actually helps to explain how it works instead of regurgitating the same info. If so it would be awesome if you reviewed the 8 week program on

  42. rosie

    hey. I really wish I could’ve given you my $100 instead of renaissance periodization (rpfitness). your spreadsheets are the bees knees and almost exactly the #’s I paid for in PDF format with guidelines that were amazingly at the same time both vague and full of “if/then”‘s. 23 pages of if/then. So much for customized! Anyway thanks I’ll recommend your blog and be on the lookout for affiliate links.

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