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I’ve caught the barefoot running bug and here are my collection of barefoot running blog posts. They include descriptions of truly barefoot running escapades along with the tamer minimalist running options and assorted reviews of minimal running shoes such as Vibram Five Fingers and Softstar RunAmocs.

If you want to start from the beginning try out my Barefoot Running Files:

Day 1 with Vibram FF
Vibram Five Fingers Review
Vibram Five Finger Speed

Transitioning to Barefoot Running
First Attempt at True Barefoot Running
Born to Run – Book Review

How to make a Cool Impossible Slant Board

How to make a Cool Impossible Slant Board Thumbnail

This blog post shows you how to build your own slant board so you can follow the core strength routine featured in Eric Orton's new book, The Cool Impossible. Eric is the coach from Born to Run, so he knows a thing or two about running efficiency and injury proofing the body. He uses the [...]

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Hitting the Trails with Vibram FiveFingers Spyridon LS

Hitting the Trails with Vibram FiveFingers Spyridon LS Thumbnail

I've been meaning to review my new trail specific Vibram FiveFingers for some time now. Unfortunately my opportunities for trying out the Spyridon and putting them to the test have been seriously curtailed by the opprobrium with which they are viewed by the family. If I venture within 5 yards of the "frog shoes" I [...]

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Earth Runners Minimal Earthing Sandals

Earth Runners Minimal Earthing Sandals Thumbnail

Flip flop sandals have always filled me with fear, particularly the thong style with inter-toe strap, which seems like an horrific big toe accident waiting to happen. Obviously I've been intrigued by the huarache sandals made famous by the Tarahumara and the book, Born to run. Intrigued, but not even slightly interested in wearing them [...]

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New Balance Minimus Zero

New Balance Minimus Zero Thumbnail

The New Balance Minimus Zero is a surprisingly light shoe, the shoe box was so light that I half expected it to be empty. I know it's billed as a minimalist shoe so was hardly likely to be bulky but it has such an imposing sole that I was expecting it to feel slightly more [...]

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Soft Star Shoes – Moc3 Barefoot Running Shoe

Soft Star Shoes – Moc3 Barefoot Running Shoe Thumbnail

Soft Star shoes are my guilty pleasure, the fashion habit that I feel somewhat obliged to hide from the family. I'm threatening to turn into one of those old biddies who wander round the streets in their slippers, but when shoes are this comfortable who really cares? Soft Star shoes are as cutting edge and [...]

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Newton Terra Momentus Review

Newton Terra Momentus Review Thumbnail

I'm in search of the ideal trail shoe for next months Great North Trail Run, to be held around Keswick in the Lake District. I'm not really at half marathon fitness so I feel the need to be kind to my feet which are going to be painfully slow plodders. Searching around the net I [...]

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Sportpursuit – Sports Gear and Gadget Deals Site

Sportpursuit – Sports Gear and Gadget Deals Site Thumbnail

I was recently asked to blog about a new flash sale website that focuses on sports gear and gadgets. I normally avoid this stuff like the plague as I'm not interested in seeing my inbox fill with fabulous offers that I wouldn't touch with a barge pole. This one seemed a little different and as [...]

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Barefoot Rowing

Barefoot Rowing Thumbnail

I was scheduled for another run this evening but after watching Biggest Loser UK and seeing myself get thrashed by one of the contestants over the 5k distance, I didn't feel much in the mood for running. I opted to row instead and as I've been reading about the new rage for barefoot and/or strapless [...]

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Plantar Fasciitis and General Running Woes

My running outlook is looking grim again but I'm not completely despondent. I feel the opportunity for experimentation. The sort of experimentation that probably got me into this mess in the first place but blogging fodder nonetheless. I've just been to see my latest running guru and as expected it has resulted in yet another [...]

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Lobsters and Cats

Lobsters and Cats Thumbnail

Having just returned from 6 hours wandering around the Westfield centre we weren't terribly eager to go out again and foolishly felt a treadmill mile showdown might be the perfect low energy Juneathon offering. I was sent some really interesting Tabio sports socks to try out today but unfortunately they were about 4 sizes too [...]

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