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To keep the inspiration levels high I often get myself involved in some form of sporting challenge.
Regular staples are the Janathon and Juneathon – “run and blog every day of the month” challenges but I’ve also taken part in a run the London Tube Line Salomon challenge and the Nike Grid.

Achieve the Impossible

Achieve the Impossible Thumbnail

I'm a quitter and a failure. At least that's what I've been telling myself for the last year or so. It came to me over a lovely paleo meal. We were onto the second course, a delicious ox heart carpaccio and a good way into a bottle of Chardonnay when Lynn asked me what had [...]

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The UnderRound Challenge – A Marathon of Selfies Thumbnail

In my quest to complete at least one 100km challenge this year, my weekends have been given over to long and usually dreary walks. In an attempt to stir things up I thought I'd try a home-brew challenge. Inspired by the last issue of Outdoor Fitness magazine which ran an article on DIY challenges, I resurrected [...]

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New fads for Janathon

New fads for Janathon Thumbnail

Janathon is my annual health and fitness saviour. It flashes gently on the xmas horizon promising relief from all the excesses of the festive season. This year it has its job cut out as it has the excesses of much of the latter half of the year to counteract. For those that don’t know, Janathon [...]

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London 2 Brighton Challenge: The Debrief

London 2 Brighton Challenge: The Debrief Thumbnail

In running events I very quickly find myself in an enforced solitude, I start in the pack but within yards of the start the group have spread thin and my mind is free to wander. As a reformed antisocial loner I'm quite a fan of solitude. With mass participation walking events you have the same [...]

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Pinning my Hopes on Janathon

Pinning my Hopes on Janathon Thumbnail

Like many other running bloggers out there, I'm holding out for Janathon. It's excusing my Quality Street excesses and tempering the pain of each incremental ounce appearing on the tanita speak the truth scales. Janathon is a shiny health beacon in a desert of flab an lethargy. Some time back in a moment of resolve, [...]

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A Soft Approach to the London Marathon

A Soft Approach to the London Marathon Thumbnail

I'm taking a softly softly approach to this years attempt at the London marathon. No early heroics or ambitious time targets. I need to make it to the start line this year and that means, at the very least, that I have to still be capable of running when the proper marathon program starts at [...]

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The Happy Magazine

The Happy Magazine Thumbnail

My London Marathon acceptance mag dropped through the front door on Friday. It wasn't unexpected as I'd had to defer from last years event due to a frustrating struggle with plantar fasciitis but it has come around frighteningly quickly. I'm still supposedly trying to rest my way out of heel pain but now the mag [...]

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Juneathon Day 21

Juneathon Day 21 Thumbnail

I've been pouring over my stats and trends this evening and it just confirms that this Juneathon is not going to rattle the record books. Multiple 2k runs just don't cut the mustard and by day 21 I still haven't racked up a complete marathon. That sort of benchmark gives me a whole new appreciation [...]

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Mitcham Common Adventurers

We set off in the direction of adventure and the uncharted waters of the eastern wedge of Mitcham Common. Unfortunately it didn't prove to be entirely virgin territory and we had to endure quite substantial size-related abuse from the native youths walking their bull terriers. It's easy to overlook these scrub-like triangles of Mitcham Common, [...]

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Gardener’s Revenge

Gardener’s Revenge Thumbnail

This evenings run was a true gardener's revenge. There was the repeated crack and whoops as my running buddy splattered my ankle with the entrails of multiple snails. We went out on our regular double loop. I like the repetition, the familiar markers that enable you to compare performance with a previous run. Today's run [...]

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