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Guilt Trip for Juneathon

Guilt Trip for Juneathon Thumbnail

So yesterday Lynn hit me with an ultimatum. Apparently I haven't used my bike in about year and she is fed up of moving it around the dining room. I either have to get on my bike or put it back in the shed. Ouch! The shed is practically a mile down the bottom of [...]

Commuting Cycling Juneathon

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Convert a Route to a Garmin Course File

Convert a Route to a Garmin Course File Thumbnail

I've been preparing cycle routes for my new bike commute and while that part of the process has been pain free and successful, the art of transferring the route to my Garmin Forerunner 920XT so I can follow it as a course, has been a royal pain in the proverbial. I have managed it though [...]

Article Commuting Cycling Routes


A Janathon Commute for Day 6

A Janathon Commute for Day 6 Thumbnail

What is with this January weather, it is just not conducive to outdoor activities. This morning I was attempting to gather sufficient enthusiasm to walk to work. I was tucked under the duvet admiring the muddy prints that Hugo was leaving across the beige bedroom carpet and pondering how to get from bed to work [...]

Commuting Janathon

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No Homing Pigeon

No Homing Pigeon Thumbnail

I'm approaching marathon training with all new vigour this week. After a slow and somewhat glum start to the program, which saw me achieving only 20km of a 20 mile weekly target, I have decided to show a little more gumption this week and commit. Today was scheduled for my mid-week longish run which means [...]

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Day 13 – Delays

Day 13 – Delays Thumbnail

The day disappeared with itself yesterday. I’d planned a running commute which takes precision organisation and an evening without commitments but my boss had other plans and kept me back late. By the time I’d run home I had no energy for Jog, Log, Blog, all I could manage was the 3 B’s: Beer, Bath, [...]

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Day 6 and another Running Commute

Day 6 and another Running Commute Thumbnail

I took my nordic poles into work today. I proper ummed and ahhed about it, but in the end I decided the health of my knee might be worth a bit of humiliation through Brixton. When the heavens opened, mid afternoon, I was so grateful, imagining empty streets in which I could gallop along, bounding [...]

Challenges Commuting Janathon Running


Return to the Humdrum

Return to the Humdrum Thumbnail

A few days away from the hum and drum of life and I’ve already forgotten how to function. This morning’s cycle commute was a case in point, I couldn’t get my brain into gear at all. The moment I left the house and pushed myself down the col de Norbury, pedalling head first into the [...]

Challenges Commuting Cycling Janathon


Another Suitably Titled Running Commute

Another Suitably Titled Running Commute Thumbnail

I forgot how much preparation these running commutes take, especially in this weather. I should have been at least 24 hours ahead of the game and deposited supplies at work, but I wasn't. Instead I had to try and cram my work and running stuff into the tiny little hydration pack. It didn't all fit, [...]

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A Dithering Commute

A Dithering Commute Thumbnail

Yesterday I announced to anyone that would listen that 3k’s were the new half-marathon. It’s just not true though. A bag of chips and a bottle of Newcastle Brown still tastes like a sin after 3 paltry kilometres. With that in mind I decided to dust off my long distance shoes and attempt another running [...]

Commuting Running

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Two Common By Half

The new accessible job arrived and sucked away all my handy exercise avoidance excuses.....time to resurrect the running commute. My first attempt was an unwelcome struggle, my head was in a seriously moany place and my feet were doing that teenage scuffing thing. I made it past two commons lurching in a stop go fashion [...]

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