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Infinitely Hard Eggs

Infinitely Hard Eggs Thumbnail

I am a big fan of eggs. They are nutritional power houses and are one my staple foods at the moment. I'm in the middle of a paleo-style detox (Whole 30) and so my current diet consists pretty much of eggs, meat, fish and vegetables. In order to keep up with my voracious egg consumption [...]

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Primal Kitchen Loveliness

Primal Kitchen Loveliness Thumbnail

I was sent 3 snack bars from The Primal Kitchen to try out last week. I'm afraid they were so lovely that I didn't have chance to take artistic photos before I'd polished them off. The Almond and Cashew bar is particularly delicious and I've already bulk ordered some additional bars for the snack cupboard. [...]

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Quorn Lasagne

Quorn Lasagne Thumbnail

With two teenagers in the house, meal times often become complicated. One does not cope well with one-pot amalgams which are my fall back staple and the other is a VEGETARIAN! It is not unusual to have three different dishes on the go and I'm afraid the vegetarian often suffers from my lack of imagination [...]



Beetroot and Protein Powder Truffles

Beetroot and Protein Powder Truffles Thumbnail

These were supposed to be chocolate truffles with a hidden ingredient but I got so carried away grating an excess of roast beetroot that I was unable to hide the purple vibrancy of the mix. I tried to smother them in a thick dusting of cocoa powder but there was no fooling my diners - [...]



The Paleo Diet and Mindful Eating for Weightloss

As a large runner I spend quite a lot of time focusing on food and diet. My aim is to establish a diet that makes it easy for me to maintain an acceptable weight, feel satisfied and still provides sufficient levels of energy for me to live my life with abandon. My dietary program has [...]

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The Whole 30 Challenge

The Whole 30 Challenge Thumbnail

I'm nearing the end of the Julia Buckley Fat Loss program with just 2 more weeks of hard graft before I take the final measurements and review the before and after photos. Julia's program has a very structured training plan but the nutritional aspect has been left much more fluid, enabling the recruits to guide [...]



Upbeat Protein Drink Review

Upbeat Protein Drink Review Thumbnail

Its not unusual for me to review my diet and decide that there is an excessive proportion of carbohydrate in the fuel mix. Then I'll embark on a period of clean living where the bread, potatoes and pasta are rejected in favour of lean meats, eggs, fish and vegetables. If I want to stick a [...]

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New Schemes

New Schemes Thumbnail

My latest fitness and weightloss scheme is the Julia Buckley Fat Burn Revolution. A 12-week program that rotates sessions in the style of many of my previous fads. It has a definite likeness to the Body For Life program with its emphasis on protein rich meals, weight training and high intensity, short lived cardio sessions [...]

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Big Fat Sitting Duck

Big Fat Sitting Duck Thumbnail

Hardcore workouts appeal to me, at least the “idea” of hardcore exercise appeals. I have a copy of Insanity and have once attended a British Military Fitness class, I’ve even watched Jillian Michaels on the telly and I can confirm that it was a brutal experience. The latest initiative by UKpaintball.co.uk may well be a [...]

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KiFit Body Monitor – The Update

KiFit Body Monitor – The Update Thumbnail

I've been wearing KiFit body monitor for 3 weeks now and have just downloaded the stats for analysis. I love this bit. I have masses of data points for each day and feel compelled to create myself a database to store it all in. I can look back on each day determine my calorie intake, [...]

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