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Winter Wolf and other Dirty Weekends

Winter Wolf and other Dirty Weekends Thumbnail

I seem to be lurching from one dirty weekend to another but who's complaining? Last weekend we were at Winter Wolf for our first attempt at the Leicestershire course. It has such fabulous quality mud that this is now my favourite adventure course. The black soggy clay grabbed me firmly above the knee and did [...]

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Roundshaw parkrun

Roundshaw parkrun Thumbnail

Sometime after my 3rd failed ultra, I smartened up and decided to re-focus my efforts on less lofty goals. Shorter goals. I have therefore embarked on a program designed to drag my 5k time back to a value I might be prepared to publish on the blog. This is week 2 and my second parkrun [...]

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Panasonic Action Camera meets The Wolf Run

Panasonic Action Camera meets The Wolf Run Thumbnail

The Wolf Run is becoming a bit of habit. We skipped summer but by the end of the year will have dragged our way across Woods, Obstacles, Lakes and Fields in 3 out the 4 seasons on offer. Last weekend was The Autumn Wolf and it didn't disappoint - muddy hilarity for the whole 10k. [...]

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Grand Union Canal Challenge

Grand Union Canal Challenge Thumbnail

This weekend saw the start of the inaugural Grand Union Challenge and it was time for me to stage another attempt at a 100km hike. Vicky and I set off in glorious sunshine, from Paddington just before 10am. We were down on the canal in no time and began watching the looming storm clouds with [...]

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How to Tape Your Feet for Blister Prevention

How to Tape Your Feet for Blister Prevention Thumbnail

I've had some great results from pre-taping my feet prior to long hikes and can now walk around 40 miles, confident that I won't get blisters. Even on this year's London2Brighton challenge where the weather conditions were appalling and I ended up wearing two pairs of unfamiliar shoes, I managed 57km feeling physically broken but [...]

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London2Brighton Challenge 2014: The Second Coming

London2Brighton Challenge 2014: The Second Coming Thumbnail

I've done quite few of my long training walks in my hiking boots but none of them were considered successful. I decided quite a long time ago that the London2Brighton 100k Challenge would be completed in my super cushioned Hokas' with my Inov8s' held back for the second half when my feet would likely have [...]

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The Wolf Run: The Aftermath

The Wolf Run: The Aftermath Thumbnail

This weekend we took part in our first Obstacle Race - The Wolf Run. A 10k trail run through Woods, over Obstacles, across Lakes and finally through Fields. Our team photo says it all, it's wet, muddy and results in belly aching hilarity. There are many obstacles, ranging from tyres, cargo nets, monkey bars, water [...]

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London 2 Brighton Challenge: The Debrief

London 2 Brighton Challenge: The Debrief Thumbnail

In running events I very quickly find myself in an enforced solitude, I start in the pack but within yards of the start the group have spread thin and my mind is free to wander. As a reformed antisocial loner I'm quite a fan of solitude. With mass participation walking events you have the same [...]

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Packing my Bags

Packing my Bags Thumbnail

I'm in to the final taper week for London2Brighton. I was scheduled for a gentle 10-miler but due to the actions of rogue trader, Russell Hollick we were rather pre-occupied attempting to clear up his mess. We were unfortunately introduced to this serial scam artist (aka Russ Hollick Heating Engineer) some months ago and recently [...]

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Operation Surgical Spirit

Operation Surgical Spirit Thumbnail

This weekend was going to be epic. Mileage to the max plus a curry with Rach. We ticked the curry off no bother, which just left the miles to deal with themselves. The plan was for Lynn to drop me close to the start of the Grantham canal which happens to be in Nottingham, she'd [...]

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