The Road to GNR Week 2/10

Breastsrokes Serpentine 2007

My GNR training plan includes the dreaded interval session which is gradually turning ino the dreaded and therefore avoided interval session. I was hoping that a regularish visit to BPTT would suffice as my speed training component but that does rather require me to get there. This Saturday was missed as I was volunteering at a bizarre little charity event – Breaststrokes. I was by the Serpentine in Hyde Park by 5.30 am directing swimmers in to the path of rather bemused swans.

Thankfully the long run component of the schedule is working pretty well. Today I did my first circumnavigation of Richmond Park. Shakti cycled alongside me after I discovered a system for restraining her speed – I ran with my hand hooked in the cycle lock around her waist. Quite a relaxing system and she carried my water bottle for me.

Chuffed to bits with the distance but it was pitifully slow. At this rate its going to take me more than 3 hours to finish the half, quite a bit more than 3 hours actually. I clearly need to make room those dreaded intervals.

Weekly summary:

Mon: 42 km bike
Tue: 11.55 km run
Wed: 42 km bike
Thur: 42 km bike
Fri: zilch, zippo, nada (seems to be the Friday theme)
Sat: 20 km bike
Sun: 12.17 km run & 5 km walk

The Road to GNR – Week 1/10


Something bad happened this week.

I got rather too drunk (it was my birthday) and OGB took the advantage to turn the tables and bully me into a running event. I don’t know what came over him, that’s supposed to be my job. I wake up on Tuesday with a hangover fitting my extended age and a charity entry into the Great North run – thats a half marathon! Way out of my league.

It seems he’s been getting a bit stressed about all the running commutes I’ve been writing about and taken himself off to the gym to run a punishing 10 miles on the treadmill. Now he can take on the world he wants to rub my nose in it. Shame he didn’t read my posts to the end where he would have discovered that most of my recent commutes have been pitiful 5 k events with a bus ride at the half way point. He’s going to finish me off.

Bear has come to the rescue with an emergency 10 week half-marathon training plan and he wasn’t keen to let me off easily this week just because it was a short one. Here’s my limp lettuce training for week 1/10 on the road to GNR.

Mon: 5.3 km run
Tue: Drinkathon – does that count?
Wed: 20 km bike
Thur: 42 km bike
Fri: zilch, zippo, nada
Sat: 5 km BPTT (I’m back!)
Sun: 9.3 km run & 6.6 km walk