BPTT Update for 26th May

I tried to capture the essence of todays stampede but I just ended up getting in the way and the movie ends as the camera gets knocked out of my hands. Don’t you just hate home movies anyway?

After the run (that I didn’t do – again), I went off on the bike in search of hills.

Box Hill 2

Looks like I found one.

I just stopped halfway up to let those lot catch up and took the opportunity to take in the views – not my breath, in case you were wondering.

I’m not a fan of hills but I’ll definately be back again, as just round the corner from here is the bestest ever cake shop. My eyes were bulging out of their sockets at the massive, sweet, treacley delights on offer. Certainly worth the effort and the bonus prize is finally a route that warrants the terrain feature in google earth.

Box Hill Terrain

My homicidal GPS thingumy didn’t let me down either, before I knew it, the blinkin thing had directed me onto the slip road of the M25. I had to hit my max speed of the day, 36mph, trying to get myself back on course, which in this case meant the middle of a particularly hairy dual carriageway, before the huge truck barrelling along behind me, forced me to reach even greater speeds. I didn’t enjoy that one bit, shame I didn’t have my heart rate monitor on as I’m sure it would have recorded a new panic induced max.

Total distance: 75km (46.6 miles)

BPTT Update for 19th May

Not much to report on the running front this week, it’s all been quite a struggle. Deege explains the runners eternal battle with the mind body dichotomy better than I ever could. I’m afraid to say that while Deege managed to win her battle, I just bailed. Out on my long run my body started grumbling and managed to convince me that it was only 2 km away from self-destruction. Strangely, that happened to be the exact distance between my disintegrating body and my front door, so thats where I took it. Long run turned into the shortest run this year – pants!

I went to Bushy Park yesterday but I didn’t even manage a run there. It was my turn for volunteering. Great job that, I can imagine it catching on, and I got an event t-shirt for my new page. It’s quite good fun watching sweaty, staggering blokes struggling to remember their names as they come to register their finishing positions.

Front of pack

It’s also quite impressive to watch the start from the front, I thought I was going to get gathered up in the stampede and carried to a new pb along with my laptop. I might try plonking myself at the front next time I run and see how far I get before I actually have to start running.

Photo by Rodiogirl

So a frail running week but I have been building back up with the cycling, managed 100 k this weekend. After BPTT my intention was to conduct a reccy of the Thames Turbo Triathlon bike route. I must have taken the wrong exit out of the park as it took me 6 k to find the start at Hampton Outdoor pool. I never manage to find that place I think they shift it each time I visit, which wouldn’t be too much trouble at all.

Great route, jolly scenic and all that, just need to remember to turn left as you pass the Southwark and Vauxhall waterworks. I think thats what its called – crazy name considering its in Sunbury.


I cut the route a bit short as I was caught short and I was miles from home. I think I’ll try and get the full route sorted next weekend, if I can find the pool a bit sooner.

Here’s the official route map, nicked from the Thames Turbo race pack. Still two more left this season I think.


Yorkshire Puddin

Missed yet another BPTT today as I was away on “family business”. Didn’t stop me running though. Dad dropped me off at Bridlington beach and my task was to get myself back home before my mum had vacated the bathroom.

Its odd running oop north. Absolutely everyone I passed said hello to me. I have a tendency to stop breathing when I approach another human so they don’t hear my wheezing and assume me to be from the ultra unfit club. Jolly hard to squeeze out pleasantries when you’re half asphyxiated.

I’ve had a pretty naff week as far as running is concerned so I was glad to get out and test myself. The last km was was a relieving downhill stretch that enabled me to clock a delightful 6 min/km pace. I love that pace, it really feels like running. Just need to keep it up for a whole 10k’s and I’ll be overjoyed.


I managed to inflame my patellar tendon again though and ended the run limping. I’m struggling to climb steps and deal with hills so hopefully tomorrows tri is pancake flat.

Oh grief, tomorrow is so close now. My flat is strewn with little sporty piles, I don’t know where to put it all now. I wonder if it is a bit naff to turn up at transition with a wheelie suitcase.

Sluggish Ticker

No BPTT update for today.

I got up as planned, pushed the muesli to the back of the cupboard and opted for my new secret running weapon: the banana and hemp power smoothie. Packed bag, wired myself up with iPod and heart rate thingy and then grabbed my keys. On the way to the door Heisenberg seemed to enter my flat. I felt myself splitting as infinite pathways opened up before me. I’m sure there is supposed to be an infinite number of possible pathways but in truth I only saw two, one was heading in the direction of a warm soft bed and the other towards excessive physical exertion in some way off park. Sorry to say I followed my slob self back to bed. I’m hoping my sporty self might have managed her own way to Bushy Park so I’ll log on and check the results later, maybe it is truly possible to have a race run its self?

I couldn’t fall back to sleep anyway as all the wires kept digging into me, instead I opted to play around with my heart rate monitor. My resting pulse is normally about 60ish but today I was watching it drop beat by beat to 49! What the heck is happening? My immediate thought was that my god damn expensive watch was duff so I scrabbled around the floor for another gadget and corroborating evidence. My blood pressure monitor told me I had a bp of 100/63 and a pulse of 47. That’ll teach me to be so slob like, even my heart is sluggish today.

Dragged myself out of bed before the ole ticker decided to give up completely and dragged it around an 8k loop of the Thames.

BPTT Update for 28th April

Cutting to the chase, I have to announce that my pb streak has come to an end.

I’m blaming the muesli.

I’ve just started keeping a food log on my trainingpeaks account which means I have to weigh everything before I put it on my plate. I tipped the recommended 50g of muesli into my bowl and decided the portion sizes must have been determined for kids (skinny ones at that) so I took it up to 75g. Then a stray raisin tipped over the edge taking it 78g so of course I had to continue to round the number off. Let me say, running on 100g of muesli is tough going!

5km in 34:30

BPTT Update for 21st April

BPTT 210406

The popularity of the Bushy Park Time Trial is on the rise. With almost 400 runners each Saturday you’d think there’d be at least one or two as slow as me. Not a chance – how did all those new runners get to be so fast?!

Hardly anyone to chase at all this week, I had an early daliance with a run/walker. We passed pleasantries to and fro about 6 times, after that I think she decided to stay behind me and take the conversational pressure off. Despite the limited competition I managed another pb. My 5km time has improved by more than 2 mins in the time I’ve been attending the time trial, which makes me think that the magic 30 minute target may be achieved one day.

Met with Jae straight after the run again for another shattering morning on the mountain bikes. These bike-run-bike brick sessions absoultely exhaust me, I was supposed to be fitting in a swim this afternoon but I really didn’t have the energy to float. Went for a jug of Pimms instead.

I’m handing out jelly beans at the London marathon tomorrow, I’ll be at mile 22 so there will be plenty of opportunity for me to have scoffed them all before the runners arrive exhausted and in desperate need of a sugar rush – please accept my apology in advance. I’m hoping that the experience will put me off the idea of ever entering a marathon, that way I can save myself the relentless, arduous, gruelling experience that is marathon training.

Good luck to all the runners tomorrow, hope its not too much of a scorcher (although that would make my day quite pleasurable).

BPTT Update for 14th April

BPTT Polar HR 140407

Another successful run today and a whole new pb! I don’t know where they are all coming from but it certainly helps when I’ve got someone to chase or even better when I have someone hot on my heels – I run and squeal like a girl when I get chased.

I was battling it out with one of those pesky run/walkers. I think it was her first time at the Bushy Park Time Trial so she was foxed by the deceptive finish straight. She overtook me at the bend going at a fair old pelt but I nodded sagely to myself – not a chance she’d be able to complete without another walking episode. Sure enough, the finishing km took the better of her and she slowed right up, I sauntered past her and with about 500 m to go I felt I could start my final sprint.

BPTT 140407

If you check out the heart rate curve above you can see the point at which my pace and heart rate soared in the middle of the final lap. You can also see that I maintained it only for about 150 m before realising that even as a seasoned BPTT’er I also had been foiled by the dreaded k. My pace dropped right back down to my usual shuffle and the pesky run/walker grabbed her chance. She passed me easily but seemed to have lost some of her earlier sprint prowess, my killer instinct snapped and I delved deep for a previously unknown speed and took her on the line.

Now for my time, the watch records an amazing time of 34:04 for the 5km route which matches the time called out by the timer on the finish line BUT the darn official time is recorded as 34:21. It’s still a pb but just not quite as good a pb. It looks like the positions were muddled a bit at the back as my time was swiped by the person two positions ahead. Never mind, it just means I should have room for another pb soon.

**UPDATE** the great guys at BPTT have just contacted to let me know of the position error so my official time is being bumped back up to 34:04 Yay!!!

Kieran has posted his heart rate plot for todays BPTT, also recorded on the RS800SD, he’s taken the time to explain all the features displayed on the polar protrainer chart. It’s interesting to see how my back of the pack performance compares to his 20 min performance. One thing we have in common is a max HR which far exceeds our age predicted max and which also exceed that recorded in maximal testing environments – just shows how gruelling this event can be! As expected Kieran runs with a cadence slightly faster than mine and a stride length at least 50% greater than mine. Mmmmm….. now what is one supposed to do with all this amazing info?

Straight after the run I met up with Jason for another blast around Richmond Park on the mountain bikes. I’m sitting at home now absolutely shot to bits. Jae is considerably faster than me at the best of times but he was out on his swanky new bike with waver thin tyres (waver thin by mtb standards) and it nearly killed me trying to keep up with him. It was fun skidding around the dust and trying to avoid trees that kept jumping out in front of me.

There are some pretty monstrous hills in RP and I kind of expect to be overtaken by runners as I bob up them in my granny gear but today there was some superman trail runner on the track and he actually overtook me on the up hills and down hills! He was flippin amazing in a totally irritating fashion.

Here’s a snap of Jae and myself in the park, if you look carefully you can probably see superman passing us again on his second lap. Jae & Me

Break Out

Broadmoor tracks

Two weeks of working within a high security setting is starting to take its toll – talk about claustrophobic!

I wasn’t sure if I could face another run this evening but after I made it through the fourth airlock to freedom, I just wanted to break free.

I didn’t want to tie myself to the usual Broadmoor Hospital perimeter run so my intention was to find 4 or 5 km of interest in the surrounding woods. I made a couple of duff choices, trogging up hills that ended in impenetrable hedges, and prime singletrack littered with hurdles

Broadmoor hurdles

and other hardcore obstacles.

Broadmoor assault course

Devils Highway

I backtracked a bit and found myself on a wonderfully undulating path that was heading to a place called “Look Out”. This sounded temptingly scenic and I was just loving the roller coaster route so I just sucked up each km.

This was really the most enjoyable run in ages, it was slow and hilly but what a cool place to run. It looks like absolutely prime mountain biking territory as well so I may have to shove the Stumpmeister (thanks for the name Celeste) into the boot of the car next week.

After I reached the top of this track I came across this sign post – check out my options!

Sign post

I might have started heading towards “Look Out” but it ceased to be the most interesting option when I realised I’d just conquered “Devil’s Highway” and I could choose between “Ladies Mile” and “Pudding Hill”. I opted for the ladies route and did in fact come across two of the species before turning round and hoping I could find my way back to the secure zone.

Total for the evening was a pleasurable 7.7 km in and around Swinley Woods. This week has already broken all my records for running and I still have BPTT tomorrow and a possible jaunt on Sunday.