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A First Strava Crown

A First Strava Crown Thumbnail

I downloaded Strava to my phone this morning, half expecting it to nestle between the many other unused GPS run logs that do little more than clog up my iPhone memory, but while reading a few Juneathon blog posts before work I was intrigued to see that @BandTRuns was coincidentally mentioning Strava Segments. It seems that [...]

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Swimming with the Get Speedo Fit App

Swimming with the Get Speedo Fit App Thumbnail

Speedo sent me an amazing gift pack with fins, paddles, pull buoys, goggles and rather thoughtfully a great big ruck sac to stash it all in. As much as all the gear excited me, it came with the requirement to go forth and swim. I really like to swim but I cannot abide all the [...]

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Running with the Forerunner 620

Running with the Forerunner 620 Thumbnail

Boxing Day is a day for soggy running, or at least it has proved to be for the last 2 years running. It is also becoming a traditional day for trying out new running gadgets. This year I was spoiled with the Forerunner 620, the latest and most advanced GPS running watch from Garmin with [...]

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Trying to Resist the Promise of Speed Enhancing Shoes

Trying to Resist the Promise of Speed Enhancing Shoes Thumbnail

I've had to set the parental controls to block my own access to QVC as I have a tendency to fall prey to a hard sell. In fact, if they pick the right product range I'm a pushover for an extremely soft sell. My particular weaknesses are cleaning products and running gadgets. Cleaning products promise [...]

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Gadget Snobbery

Gadget Snobbery Thumbnail

I'm a confessed gadget snob, always chasing the next best thing in the running world (*). In contrast, Lynn is from the make do and mend side of society. I'm a little jealous, it's the right way to be, but I seem unable to resist the lure of sporty bling. She has however, caved in [...]

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Salice Sunglasses Review

Salice Sunglasses Review Thumbnail

I receive a package containing a pair of Salice sunglasses for review and the longest summer in recent history packs its bags and clears off into the fading sunset. It was only to be expected, our British weather system has a cruel sense of humour. It’s hard to put sunglasses through their paces when the [...]

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How to make a Cool Impossible Slant Board

How to make a Cool Impossible Slant Board Thumbnail

This blog post shows you how to build your own slant board so you can follow the core strength routine featured in Eric Orton's new book, The Cool Impossible. Eric is the coach from Born to Run, so he knows a thing or two about running efficiency and injury proofing the body. He uses the [...]

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Long Distance Endurance Gadgets – 24 Hour Power

Long Distance Endurance Gadgets – 24 Hour Power Thumbnail

Since I became interested in long distance endurance events I've spent more and more time worrying about battery capacity and longevity. My iPhone 5 is an absolute powerhouse packed with "essential" sporty apps and if we look at the array of GPS trackers, location beacon transmitters, maps, music and audiobook players I really do have [...]

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The Running Mat

The Running Mat Thumbnail

It is not immediately clear why one would need a running mat. I'm not in the habit of requiring a little sit down in the middle of a run and neither do I tend to drop to the floor mid run for a round of burpees or hand dirtying press ups. This could all change [...]

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Kinomap Video Training App Review

Kinomap Video Training App Review Thumbnail

Last month I started hankering over a new treadmill. I'd been researching High Intensity Training Protocols and stumbled across Sprint 8 which is a routine designed by Vision Fitness and pre-built into their treadmills as a program option. Sprint 8 is quite an enjoyable routine but I'm afraid it sparked a greater interest in the [...]

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