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Insomnia: The Activity Tracker Showdown

Insomnia: The Activity Tracker Showdown Thumbnail

Many people will have gone to bed last night with a degree of melancholy angst. Like me they will have forlornly switched the alarm back on after the luxury of 10 back to back lie ins. I fell asleep then woke, bolt upright at 2:30 am full of dread about my imminent return to work. I [...]

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BSX Insight Review – Lactate Threshold Testing at Home Thumbnail

I'm a attracted to the technicalities of training more than the actual training, and I'm always on the look out for a gadget that might reduce the need for the latter. I was immediately attracted to the BSX Insight campaign on Kickstarter, not only because it's a cool new sporty gadget but also because it [...]

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Running with Light

Running with Light Thumbnail

I've had a few weekends away in the sticks and at this time of year I always wonder how I could keep up my running habit if I moved to the countryside where pavements tend to be optional, as does the street lighting, and where running either side of work means running in pitch darkness. [...]

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First Impressions of the Fitbit Flex

First Impressions of the Fitbit Flex Thumbnail

I have an obsession for activity trackers. It's the tracking that absorbs me and not the activity, unfortunately. I've worked my way through 5 different makes and models, often wearing two at a time but at the moment I am taking the Fitbit Flex (donated by LV=) through its paces. Out of the box, I [...]

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Move! The Cheek of New Gadgets

Move! The Cheek of New Gadgets Thumbnail

The arrival, this morning, of a new and exciting watch encouraged me to ignore my rapidly filling sinus cavities and venture out for a tentative jog. I opted for a trail run around the local mud common and as anticipated it was tough and wheezy. I was so excited by the finish alert from my new [...]

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Bluefingers Labs Wearable Audio

Bluefingers Labs Wearable Audio Thumbnail

Bluefingers Labs got in touch a while back and offered me a seriously cool beanie hat with integral headphones. Unfortunately I do not ooze the right level of urban cool to pass it off and so opted for the far more sedate baseball cap. Bluefingers Labs produce a small bluetooth gizmo that they have stitched [...]

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Loxley Suspension Trainer

Loxley Suspension Trainer Thumbnail

I'm a big fan of suspension training and was delighted to be offered a Loxley Sports Suspension Trainer to try out. If you are not familiar with the concept of suspension training, it's a highly adjustable form of bodyweight resistance training. You attach extremely strong webbing to something sturdy and high, such as a tree, a [...]

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The Power of the Playlist

The Power of the Playlist Thumbnail

We got a swanky new treadmill recently, so despite the horrendously hot weather conditions I am choosing to do most of my running indoors, without air con and without a fan. Within 5 minutes I have wilted terribly and my chances of staying on to complete my usual target of 5k are slim. It is [...]

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A First Strava Crown

A First Strava Crown Thumbnail

I downloaded Strava to my phone this morning, half expecting it to nestle between the many other unused GPS run logs that do little more than clog up my iPhone memory, but while reading a few Juneathon blog posts before work I was intrigued to see that @BandTRuns was coincidentally mentioning Strava Segments. It seems that [...]

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Swimming with the Get Speedo Fit App

Swimming with the Get Speedo Fit App Thumbnail

Speedo sent me an amazing gift pack with fins, paddles, pull buoys, goggles and rather thoughtfully a great big ruck sac to stash it all in. As much as all the gear excited me, it came with the requirement to go forth and swim. I really like to swim but I cannot abide all the [...]

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