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A Deep Need for Heat

A Deep Need for Heat Thumbnail

Deep Heat sent me a selection of warming (and cooling) patches to trial and this weekend resulted in more than enough sore muscles to ease. My motivation has a tendency to ebb more than it flows and so when I catch even the tiniest wave of sporting enthusiasm I've been doing my best to ride [...]

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There have been times over the last few years when I thought my running days were over. I’ve been so crippled by the pain of plantar fasciitis that I’ve had to use hiking poles to get into work and at it’s worst I’ve resorted to moving around the house on my hands and knees. Plantar [...]

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Operation Surgical Spirit

Operation Surgical Spirit Thumbnail

This weekend was going to be epic. Mileage to the max plus a curry with Rach. We ticked the curry off no bother, which just left the miles to deal with themselves. The plan was for Lynn to drop me close to the start of the Grantham canal which happens to be in Nottingham, she'd [...]

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The Bedroom Scene

The Bedroom Scene Thumbnail

I haven't exactly gone into hibernation but I may as well have done for all the running that has happened over the last couple of months. I think the bedroom scene explains the situation: Somewhere between the Great North Run and home I developed a niggle, just a minor dead leg feeling during a long [...]

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Dry Bones

Dry Bones Thumbnail

I've had an incredibly low mileage week, peaking at a singular 6km run. I blame lasts weekend's heroic efforts across the farmlands of Lincolnshire which have left me somewhat infirm. My every waking movement has felt jarring, as though the cartilage has disintegrated from my knees and I'm down to bone on bone action. I've [...]

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Custom Insoles from Profeet Fulham

Custom Insoles from Profeet Fulham Thumbnail

Profeet is a custom insole, gait analysis and specialist footwear shop based in Fulham and as they have a marathon sponsorship package running at the moment I thought I would invest in their top of the range 3D analysis service and bag £20 for the Samaritans. The shop was bustling and seemed to be set [...]

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The Happy Magazine

The Happy Magazine Thumbnail

My London Marathon acceptance mag dropped through the front door on Friday. It wasn't unexpected as I'd had to defer from last years event due to a frustrating struggle with plantar fasciitis but it has come around frighteningly quickly. I'm still supposedly trying to rest my way out of heel pain but now the mag [...]

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The Square One Tavern Plan

The Square One Tavern Plan Thumbnail

My enforced rest from running was initiated by a trip to a pub. Me and my good lady gathered around a couple of pints of Wandle, pulled out the Moleskin and jotted down a recovery plan to rid me of plantar fasciitis for good and set me right for my already deferred entry to the [...]

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The Stick and Other Methods of Torture

The Stick and Other Methods of Torture Thumbnail

I've been using The Stick ever since I suffered with a painful muscular injury to my hamstrings. It has a very simple design - a slightly flexible plastic stick around which a set of plastic spindles can independently rotate. It is these spindles that work on your muscles to ease out knots and release tension. [...]

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Pool Running for the Injured

Pool Running for the Injured Thumbnail

The enforced running respite has resulted in a very slight improvement to my plantar fasciitis pain so I'm motivated to keep up with the recommendations from my podiatrist. I've stuck to the stretches, swapped the running with cycling and been wearing the temporary insoles in my trainers. The only remedial action left to tick off [...]

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