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Almost a Sick Note

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Recently, whenever I start to prepare for exercise I feel as though I am about to have a heart attack. It's not extreme pain but does feel as though I have an elephant sitting on me or more precisely a belt tied tightly around my chest. Today the plan was to attend an early morning [...]

BMF Fitness Janathon


Not a Lot of Fun on The Royal Military Canal

Not a Lot of Fun on The Royal Military Canal Thumbnail

Both fitflo and jogblog have noticed my absence and have been kind enough to send out a search party. I'm still here, quietly dabbling with Janathon, which of course is not the point - Janathon is supposed to be shouted about on a daily basis. There has been some daily form of exercise happening. This [...]

Janathon Running Walking

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A Near Fail

I came very close on the 11th. It was 11:45pm and I was settling down to watch episode 4 of The Bridge, when Lynn started the Janathon countdown. I told her didn't matter and I wasn't doing it anymore but she wasn't having any of it. I'm a starter-leaver by nature. I love the thrill [...]


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Faff and Exercise

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There was considerably more faff than exercise associated with today, the 9th day of Janathon. There was another long and frustrating day at the accountancy desk split by a particularly frustrating lunch. I had failed to prepare a slow carb pack-up and therefore slowly descended to a near starvation, stressy state because I couldn't find [...]

Janathon Strength

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Poor Excuse for a Blog

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Well I woke up this morning and completely forgot about the lame leg experience. It must have been psychological. Work took up far more than its fair share of my life today, so by the time I got back home I had only a tiny modicum of energy for exercise. I opted for a very [...]


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A Lame Excuse

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The 9th is the day that most people abandon their new fitness resolutions and I'm ashamed to say that while we are only on the 7th day, my excuses are already stacking up. Immediately after yesterday's run commute I had a strange dead-legging experience. Without any obvious contributing factor, my leg started to behave as [...]



A Janathon Commute for Day 6

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What is with this January weather, it is just not conducive to outdoor activities. This morning I was attempting to gather sufficient enthusiasm to walk to work. I was tucked under the duvet admiring the muddy prints that Hugo was leaving across the beige bedroom carpet and pondering how to get from bed to work [...]

Commuting Janathon

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Fast Exercise for Janathon

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I've planned a lazy day so my exercise needs to be over and done with quickly today. Time to call on Fast Exercise, which is the term coined by Dr Mosley, of Intermittent Fasting fame, to describe a variety of High Intensity Training routines. The book is all the rage at the moment but I'm [...]



A Soggy First for Janathon Day 4

A Soggy First for Janathon Day 4 Thumbnail

The alarm went off at 6.30 this morning so we could get across London for Lynn’s first parkrun. It needn’t have bothered, I’d been laying awake for hours listening to the rain drumming on the velux and the bin lid bouncing around the garden. If we hadn’t arranged to meet Suzan at Bushy Park I [...]

Janathon parkrun


Pyjama Weightlifting

Pyjama Weightlifting Thumbnail

As there is a definite pyjama trend for this year's Janathon, I thought I would complete today's Starting Strength routine in my Winnie the Pooh PJs. As I've mentioned before, lugging Olympic weights around in confined spaces is a little hazardous, neither aided nor abetted by the wearing of loose baggy evening wear. I require concentrated [...]

Janathon Strength