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A smashrun for the last day of Juneathon

A smashrun for the last day of Juneathon Thumbnail

I've dabbled with the "gamification" of sports but the joy of a new badge and an animated high five rapidly slips into the arena of vaguely irritating notifications. I was therefore quite surprised at just how quickly I become absorbed in smashrun, the latest app for accumulating, rewarding and hacking running statistics. I've even been [...]

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Guilt Trip for Juneathon

Guilt Trip for Juneathon Thumbnail

So yesterday Lynn hit me with an ultimatum. Apparently I haven't used my bike in about year and she is fed up of moving it around the dining room. I either have to get on my bike or put it back in the shed. Ouch! The shed is practically a mile down the bottom of [...]

Commuting Cycling Juneathon

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A Bone to Pick with Juneathon

A Bone to Pick with Juneathon Thumbnail

I've been skirting around the idea of running since my new Juneathon alarm went off at 6:30 am. It's now 11 pm.  I postponed the morning run in favour of an evening run, before dinner, but that was pushed into touch by the far more favourable idea of doing it on a full stomach, after [...]

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Stuck on Sprint

Stuck on Sprint Thumbnail

Eager to get Juneathon off to a promising start, I set the alarm for 6:30 am and almost skipped my way downstairs to the treadmill.  I selected level 9 in my Sprint 8 high intensity program and sauntered through the warm up before shocking myself with the first incline sprint of the series.  I haven't [...]

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A Lunge for the Samaritans

A Lunge for the Samaritans Thumbnail

I’ve just started another 12 week round of fitness and fat loss with Julia Buckley. Last time was The Fat Burn Revolution but now its stepped up a notch and become Extreme Inferno. I kicked off the week with an Insanity styled grilling called SweatMax. After 25 minutes leaping around the front room I was [...]

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A Juneathon Triple

A Juneathon Triple Thumbnail

I've had a mini streak. 3 days jogged and logged but I've fallen at the blogging hurdle. Each run has been just a tiny bit worse than the last one. It started on Friday with a late night run after an "end of exams" celebratory evening. I valiantly tackled the hilly, round the block, circuit [...]

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Mad Dogs

Mad Dogs Thumbnail

Terrible timing today. I was on twitter this morning trying to get Lynn to wake up so we could hit the trail. It would have been more effective to have given her nudge. As it was, we didn't get to leave the house til midday and then spent at least an hour driving the 30 [...]



A Stretch Challenge for Day 4 and 6

A Stretch Challenge for Day 4 and 6 Thumbnail

I have overuse niggles from the waist downwards. Tender spot on my hip, tight hamstrings and a couple of shin splints for good measure. I basically haven't yet recovered from my very long walk almost 2 weeks ago. It's been quite fortuitous that while I'm in need of some rehab, James Dunne of Kinetic Revolution [...]

Juneathon Technique

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Running with the Foxes

Running with the Foxes Thumbnail

I went out for a solo run this evening. Just me, the dope dealers on the hill, and a load of foxes. The dealers remained in their BMWs, exhaling aromatic compounds from the windows but the foxes criss-crossed my path the entire way round. On my third loop, 3 small fox cubs tumbled out across [...]


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A First Strava Crown

A First Strava Crown Thumbnail

I downloaded Strava to my phone this morning, half expecting it to nestle between the many other unused GPS run logs that do little more than clog up my iPhone memory, but while reading a few Juneathon blog posts before work I was intrigued to see that @BandTRuns was coincidentally mentioning Strava Segments. It seems that [...]

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