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Uphill from Box Hill to Epsom

Uphill from Box Hill to Epsom Thumbnail

Next weeks race t-shirt dropped through the letterbox this morning. I wonder how many people will use that as the a perfect get out of jail card and abandon the trouble of racing at next weeks Great Trail Run at Keswick. It certainly crossed my mind. I run for pride as well as t-shirts, so [...]

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Gadget Overload

Gadget Overload Thumbnail

I picked up a Nike Fuelband yesterday so now have yet another spur to action in the month of June. I've set my initial target at 3000 fuel points, whatever that means but only got there in the final hour by pushing myself onto the treadmill for another late night run. I've got a lot [...]

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A Wobbly Road to Recovery

A Wobbly Road to Recovery Thumbnail

I arrive home from work and my new watch declares another 2 hours of recovery are required before I can commence training. What else is there to do but crack open a bottle of Chardonnay and tune in to The Biggest Loser? I had a rather enjoyable time watching the four finalists crank out a [...]

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All Hail the Canal

All Hail the Canal Thumbnail

It was a weird weather day again today, oscillating between glorious sun and then freak hail storms. I found myself ripping my waterproof on and off as each cloud passed by and eventually gave in and left it on for maximal sweat loss. This years Juneathon is going to be associated with an extreme calorie [...]

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An Ok Jubilee

An Ok Jubilee Thumbnail

The Jubilee celebrations created sufficient diversion for us to escape the city unobserved. We were heading for the in-laws and I've never seen the North Circular so clear. Fortunately our route took us alongside the Thames at Mortlake and we caught a section of the flotilla making its way towards the main action. I had [...]

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A Pit Stop in Mitcham

A Pit Stop in Mitcham Thumbnail

Having spent the morning on the allotment, swinging mattocks into rock solid clay I was a bit limp lettuce and couldn't muster much energy for a run. Still, Juneathon must be obeyed, at least in week 1 and I still need as many activity calories as I can get. So I was abandoned (in a [...]

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Debts have to be paid

So Juneathon has started again and the treadmill has been dusted off for more late night action. I've spent the last two nights running through midnight and have been left pondering which day to log. Is it the start or finish that counts? I could easily have skipped this evenings run for an early night [...]

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Juneathon Day 21

Juneathon Day 21 Thumbnail

I've been pouring over my stats and trends this evening and it just confirms that this Juneathon is not going to rattle the record books. Multiple 2k runs just don't cut the mustard and by day 21 I still haven't racked up a complete marathon. That sort of benchmark gives me a whole new appreciation [...]

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Mitcham Common Adventurers

We set off in the direction of adventure and the uncharted waters of the eastern wedge of Mitcham Common. Unfortunately it didn't prove to be entirely virgin territory and we had to endure quite substantial size-related abuse from the native youths walking their bull terriers. It's easy to overlook these scrub-like triangles of Mitcham Common, [...]

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Gardener’s Revenge

Gardener’s Revenge Thumbnail

This evenings run was a true gardener's revenge. There was the repeated crack and whoops as my running buddy splattered my ankle with the entrails of multiple snails. We went out on our regular double loop. I like the repetition, the familiar markers that enable you to compare performance with a previous run. Today's run [...]

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