Great North Run and The British Lung Foundation

Great North RunIf you are looking to step up from 5k and 10k runs and are ready for a fantastic, invigorating challenge you still have time to grab a charity place in the Great North Run on the 15th September. Starting in Newcastle, the GNR course takes in the iconic Tyne Bridge, goes through Gateshead passing the famous international athletics stadium and finishes in the coastal town of South Shields. Live music, on course refreshment and thousands of cheering supporters will keep you motivated every step of the way.

I’ve completed this event 4 times and cannot recommend it highly enough. It is such a rewarding event with the most fantastic atmosphere. In fact I would hazard a guess that the support is second only to the London Marathon but with the Great North Run you stand a chance of finishing without crippling yourself.

I’ve written up my race reports:

2012 GNR – The ABC Plan
2010 GNR – Keep Running Fat Girl!
2008 GNR – It’s all about the Chips
2007 GNR – Fancy a bottle of dog?

and provided a series of event tips:

Great North Run – Insider Tips

If you are tempted by the World’s biggest and best half marathon, the ultimate mass participation event (55,000 accepted entrants from over 100,000 applicants last year) there’s still chance to get a place through the British Lung Foundation.

Deadline – 26th July!
Don’t miss out!

The charity requires a £50 registration fee and ask all runners to raise a minimum of £300 to help them support those with lung disease.

Running for a charity doesn’t only mean you’ll help the lives of those less fortunate, but they’ll also make sure your day is extra special! The BLF provide:

  • BLF running vest and t-shirt
  • Training Guide
  • Fundraising pack
  • On hand support from start to finish
  • Any fundraising materials you need
  • Post race marquee, with refreshments and a massage on race day!

For more information visit:
020 7078 7912

Big Fat Sitting Duck

Hardcore workouts appeal to me, at least the “idea” of hardcore exercise appeals. I have a copy of Insanity and have once attended a British Military Fitness class, I’ve even watched Jillian Michaels on the telly and I can confirm that it was a brutal experience.

The latest initiative by may well be a step too far.

Overweight folk are being invited to part with £199 and sign up for 10 sessions of target practice.

Just to make it clear – the fatties are the target.

The idea is that the participants will be unarmed and have to run the gauntlet while staff take pot shots at them with the paint guns.

“There will be several shooters in place and so it’s unlikely any of those involved will be in a safe area for too long, which, combined with wanting to avoid getting hit, should result in a lot of running around, shedding hundreds of calories in the process.”

I’m sure it’s good exercise but what on earth would encourage you to go back again for sessions 2-10? I imagine that after you’ve admired the array of bruises on your wobbly bits and scrubbed the remains of the emulsion from your skin, a gentle jog in the local park will look far more attractive.

Maybe you can progress through the ranks and swap kg’s for ammo and armour – first kilogram lost gets you a shield and when you reach your weight loss target you are rewarded with a pump action, sawn-off, paintball accelerator so you can get your own back on the staff who’ve had free rein with your nerve endings for the last few sessions.

“Getting hit by a paintball can really sting and so I’m sure anyone who takes a shot will be even keener to avoid the next one, which will hopefully enable them to burn even more calories.”

The company believes that fear based exercise could well be the next big thing but I’m not sure if I’d be brave enough to sign up for this level of torture, I’d be worried that they’d turn the session over to the latest stag party and I’d end up cowering by the nearest tree like a big fat sitting duck.

Up and Running offer Support to Charity Runners

Up and Running, the independent running shop has just launched an initiative to support charity runners.

They are offering to provide gear, technical advice and promotional support to runners attempting to raise money for charities in a 2012 event.

It’s hard to resist freebie gear and online plugs could really boost your charitable success rate, so if you have an event and a good cause in mind, it would be worth applying for some additional support: Up and Running Charity Support