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Here are all my reviews of sports gadgets and equipment. I get sent quite a lot of running gear to review and I buy loads of running gadgets such as GPS watches and iPhone apps so this section gets updated regularly.

I also have a page dedicated to my top choices of running gadgets, gear and apparel.

Infinitely Hard Eggs

Infinitely Hard Eggs Thumbnail

I am a big fan of eggs. They are nutritional power houses and are one my staple foods at the moment. I'm in the middle of a paleo-style detox (Whole 30) and so my current diet consists pretty much of eggs, meat, fish and vegetables. In order to keep up with my voracious egg consumption [...]

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Loxley Suspension Trainer

Loxley Suspension Trainer Thumbnail

I'm a big fan of suspension training and was delighted to be offered a Loxley Sports Suspension Trainer to try out. If you are not familiar with the concept of suspension training, it's a highly adjustable form of bodyweight resistance training. You attach extremely strong webbing to something sturdy and high, such as a tree, a [...]

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The RooSport Running Pocket Review

The RooSport Running Pocket Review Thumbnail

I regularly run loops of the neighbourhood, alone and under cover of darkness. At these times I am acutely aware of the hugely expensive iPhone strapped to my arm, often lit up by the latest status update from my running app. So I often run late at night and often feel vulnerable. Last night I [...]

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Berghaus Rucksack Flux 20

Berghaus Rucksack Flux 20 Thumbnail

I was recently sent the Berghaus Flux 20 to try out. I used it as a commuter bag for a few days and was so impressed by its comfort and design that I then came very close to using it for my 100k hike along the Grand Union Canal. Its not terribly sensible to make [...]

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No Sports Bra, No Sport and The Energising Purple Bra Thumbnail

Berlei contacted me recently offering me a bra to review as part of their No Sports Bra, No Sports campaign. I have the sort of build that means partaking in sport, particularly a running sport, without the assistance of a serious boob controlling device is a no brainier. Unfortunately Berlei don't produce a bra in [...]

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Primal Kitchen Loveliness

Primal Kitchen Loveliness Thumbnail

I was sent 3 snack bars from The Primal Kitchen to try out last week. I'm afraid they were so lovely that I didn't have chance to take artistic photos before I'd polished them off. The Almond and Cashew bar is particularly delicious and I've already bulk ordered some additional bars for the snack cupboard. [...]

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Canvas Prints of Event Photos

Canvas Prints of Event Photos Thumbnail

If you follow me on twitter or facebook you would have been seriously tempted to unfriend me last week. Having just completed in the “best obstacle race ever”, I proceeded to jabber on about it. Incessantly. I’ve been wearing the finishers bracelet at work and the big Wolf Run hoody at all available social events [...]

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The Firefly Recovery Device Review

The Firefly Recovery Device Review Thumbnail

An invisible, yet relentless reflex hammer appears to be beating out a rhythm on my knees. Both legs are twitching, one then the other and back. httpv://youtu.be/pErIGAbJ87Q I'm trialling a new running gadget, the Firefly Recovery Device which is designed to reduce lower leg DOMS in athletes and weekend warriors alike. My weekend marathon across [...]

First Aid Injury Reviews

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Swimming with the Get Speedo Fit App

Swimming with the Get Speedo Fit App Thumbnail

Speedo sent me an amazing gift pack with fins, paddles, pull buoys, goggles and rather thoughtfully a great big ruck sac to stash it all in. As much as all the gear excited me, it came with the requirement to go forth and swim. I really like to swim but I cannot abide all the [...]

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A Deep Need for Heat

A Deep Need for Heat Thumbnail

Deep Heat sent me a selection of warming (and cooling) patches to trial and this weekend resulted in more than enough sore muscles to ease. My motivation has a tendency to ebb more than it flows and so when I catch even the tiniest wave of sporting enthusiasm I've been doing my best to ride [...]

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