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Here are all my reviews of sports gadgets and equipment. I get sent quite a lot of running gear to review and I buy loads of running gadgets such as GPS watches and iPhone apps so this section gets updated regularly.

I also have a page dedicated to my top choices of running gadgets, gear and apparel.

Autumnal runs and a Hardcore Fitness Roller

I do love autumnal runs. This one was made extra special by the extended break following a rather unspectacular sofa incident that managed to put me out of action for a fortnight. A concerted effort with my rehab routine, consisting ab mat work, kettlebell swings and the Hardcore Fitness roller saw me wake up this morning with [...]

Fitness Equipment Injury Reviews

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Quest Protein Bars on the Settle to Carlisle Way

Quest Protein Bars on the Settle to Carlisle Way Thumbnail

I was recently sent a vast variety of Quest protein bars, enough to consider cancelling my grocery shop for the week. As their arrival coincided with our planned mega hike along the Settle to Carlisle Way, I chose instead to stash them into our rucksacks for emergency sustenance. That proved to be a good move. [...]

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Nosh Detox

Nosh Detox Thumbnail

I've been sent a lot of free food this month, the latest being a 3 day supply of lovingly prepared detox grub from Nosh Detox. I chap came round on Sunday evening and presented me with 3 boutique style bags of food; Ocado never manage to make their deliveries look so chic. It was rather [...]

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Huel complete Food for Humans

Huel complete Food for Humans Thumbnail

I’ve always been a bit sniffy about meal replacement shakes but when I first heard about Huel in a recent Times article I felt more intrigued than judgemental. It seemed to be selling itself as an ethical, low allergenic alternative to real food and not as a quick fix diet shake. So when I was [...]

Article Fuel Reviews


Achieve the Impossible

Achieve the Impossible Thumbnail

I'm a quitter and a failure. At least that's what I've been telling myself for the last year or so. It came to me over a lovely paleo meal. We were onto the second course, a delicious ox heart carpaccio and a good way into a bottle of Chardonnay when Lynn asked me what had [...]

Books Challenges Reviews

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A smashrun for the last day of Juneathon

A smashrun for the last day of Juneathon Thumbnail

I've dabbled with the "gamification" of sports but the joy of a new badge and an animated high five rapidly slips into the arena of vaguely irritating notifications. I was therefore quite surprised at just how quickly I become absorbed in smashrun, the latest app for accumulating, rewarding and hacking running statistics. I've even been [...]

Everything Else Juneathon Reviews Self Quantification


A Bone to Pick with Juneathon

A Bone to Pick with Juneathon Thumbnail

I've been skirting around the idea of running since my new Juneathon alarm went off at 6:30 am. It's now 11 pm.  I postponed the morning run in favour of an evening run, before dinner, but that was pushed into touch by the far more favourable idea of doing it on a full stomach, after [...]

Fitness iPhone app Juneathon Reviews

BSX Insight Review – Lactate Threshold Testing at Home Thumbnail

I'm a attracted to the technicalities of training more than the actual training, and I'm always on the look out for a gadget that might reduce the need for the latter. I was immediately attracted to the BSX Insight campaign on Kickstarter, not only because it's a cool new sporty gadget but also because it [...]

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Running with Light

Running with Light Thumbnail

I've had a few weekends away in the sticks and at this time of year I always wonder how I could keep up my running habit if I moved to the countryside where pavements tend to be optional, as does the street lighting, and where running either side of work means running in pitch darkness. [...]

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A Sunburst of Runners

A Sunburst of Runners Thumbnail

I was scouring Millets website for a new pair of Mizuno running shoes and was astounded by the splashes of colour that filled the page. I doubted that there could possibly be a demand for that much colour on the foot of a runner. My post-run trip to Richmond Park caff, showed that I was wrong [...]

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