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Here are all my reviews of sports gadgets and equipment. I get sent quite a lot of running gear to review and I buy loads of running gadgets such as GPS watches and iPhone apps so this section gets updated regularly.

I also have a page dedicated to my top choices of running gadgets, gear and apparel.

Swimming with the Get Speedo Fit App

Swimming with the Get Speedo Fit App Thumbnail

Speedo sent me an amazing gift pack with fins, paddles, pull buoys, goggles and rather thoughtfully a great big ruck sac to stash it all in. As much as all the gear excited me, it came with the requirement to go forth and swim. I really like to swim but I cannot abide all the [...]

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A Deep Need for Heat

A Deep Need for Heat Thumbnail

Deep Heat sent me a selection of warming (and cooling) patches to trial and this weekend resulted in more than enough sore muscles to ease. My motivation has a tendency to ebb more than it flows and so when I catch even the tiniest wave of sporting enthusiasm I've been doing my best to ride [...]

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12 Weeks to a Sleek Body with The Fat Burn Revolution

12 Weeks to a Sleek Body with The Fat Burn Revolution Thumbnail

I’ve known Julia Buckley for a few years now, through the running and blogging ether. Earlier this year I decided to join in the second phase of her Fat Burn Revolution pilot scheme. The original pilot was designed to test a program that she was planning to bring to a wider audience through the publication [...]

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Starting Strength with the Maximuscle Olympic Barbell Set

Starting Strength with the Maximuscle Olympic Barbell Set Thumbnail

I've been lifting weights (periodically) since I took part in Julia Buckley's fat loss program last summer. Since then I've dabbled in Olympic Weightlifting and started the rapid strength program called Starting Strength. I'm not one to make do and mend if there is an opportunity to acquire a new gadget or item of fitness equipment, [...]

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Running with the Forerunner 620

Running with the Forerunner 620 Thumbnail

Boxing Day is a day for soggy running, or at least it has proved to be for the last 2 years running. It is also becoming a traditional day for trying out new running gadgets. This year I was spoiled with the Forerunner 620, the latest and most advanced GPS running watch from Garmin with [...]

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Gadget Snobbery

Gadget Snobbery Thumbnail

I'm a confessed gadget snob, always chasing the next best thing in the running world (*). In contrast, Lynn is from the make do and mend side of society. I'm a little jealous, it's the right way to be, but I seem unable to resist the lure of sporty bling. She has however, caved in [...]

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A Welcome Fruitdrop

A Welcome Fruitdrop Thumbnail

A box of fruit was delivered to my desk last week, courtesy of Fruitdrop, a London based company that deliver fruit and milk direct to the workplace. The volume and quantity of fruit took me a little by surprise and despite being a big fruit fan I decided I was going to need assistance with [...]



FAAS 600S from Puma

Puma Faas 600S running shoe

I haven't worn a standard running shoe in years. Nowadays I tend to favour the more extreme ends of the market, oscillating between the uber cushioned Hoka One One to the minimalist Vibram FiveFingers. The closest I come to normal is my current treadmill shoe of choice, the Cloudsurfer On but even these have a [...]

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Salice Sunglasses Review

Salice Sunglasses Review Thumbnail

I receive a package containing a pair of Salice sunglasses for review and the longest summer in recent history packs its bags and clears off into the fading sunset. It was only to be expected, our British weather system has a cruel sense of humour. It’s hard to put sunglasses through their paces when the [...]

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Hitting the Trails with Vibram FiveFingers Spyridon LS

Hitting the Trails with Vibram FiveFingers Spyridon LS Thumbnail

I've been meaning to review my new trail specific Vibram FiveFingers for some time now. Unfortunately my opportunities for trying out the Spyridon and putting them to the test have been seriously curtailed by the opprobrium with which they are viewed by the family. If I venture within 5 yards of the "frog shoes" I [...]

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