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Here are all my reviews of sports gadgets and equipment. I get sent quite a lot of running gear to review and I buy loads of running gadgets such as GPS watches and iPhone apps so this section gets updated regularly.

I also have a page dedicated to my top choices of running gadgets, gear and apparel.

Running with Light

Running with Light Thumbnail

I've had a few weekends away in the sticks and at this time of year I always wonder how I could keep up my running habit if I moved to the countryside where pavements tend to be optional, as does the street lighting, and where running either side of work means running in pitch darkness. [...]

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A Sunburst of Runners

A Sunburst of Runners Thumbnail

I was scouring Millets website for a new pair of Mizuno running shoes and was astounded by the splashes of colour that filled the page. I doubted that there could possibly be a demand for that much colour on the foot of a runner. My post-run trip to Richmond Park caff, showed that I was wrong [...]

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First Impressions of the Fitbit Flex

First Impressions of the Fitbit Flex Thumbnail

I have an obsession for activity trackers. It's the tracking that absorbs me and not the activity, unfortunately. I've worked my way through 5 different makes and models, often wearing two at a time but at the moment I am taking the Fitbit Flex (donated by LV=) through its paces. Out of the box, I [...]

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The Science of Fitness

The Science of Fitness Thumbnail

It seems customary to invent Janathon exercises and as I'm not well enough to even rattle off two bed sit-ups, I've also created my own - the sport of reading sporty books. Preferably from under a duvet. I was recently sent The Science of Fitness, Power, Performance and Endurance and it seemed like the perfect [...]

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Helly Hansen and Pistols at Dawn

Helly Hansen and Pistols at Dawn Thumbnail

It's the middle of the day, the middle of a work day. I am focussing on this jumble of numbers and easing my way towards a stress headache when my phone vibrates to alert me to the fact that JogBlog has been running. Again. Since I accepted her Helly Hansen Winter Duel Challenge 3 days [...]

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Maxi-minimal Running Shoes – Can Altra replace Hoka

Maxi-minimal Running Shoes – Can Altra replace Hoka Thumbnail

Having been a committed, t-shirt wearing, fan of Hoka ultra-cushioned running shoes for more than 2 years, I’ve recently started to consider the options and allowed my eyes to wander. It’s not that I’ve become disillusioned at all, in fact I want to find something very similar to a Hoka, just perhaps, a bit better. By [...]

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Panasonic Action Camera meets The Wolf Run

Panasonic Action Camera meets The Wolf Run Thumbnail

The Wolf Run is becoming a bit of habit. We skipped summer but by the end of the year will have dragged our way across Woods, Obstacles, Lakes and Fields in 3 out the 4 seasons on offer. Last weekend was The Autumn Wolf and it didn't disappoint - muddy hilarity for the whole 10k. [...]

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Bluefingers Labs Wearable Audio

Bluefingers Labs Wearable Audio Thumbnail

Bluefingers Labs got in touch a while back and offered me a seriously cool beanie hat with integral headphones. Unfortunately I do not ooze the right level of urban cool to pass it off and so opted for the far more sedate baseball cap. Bluefingers Labs produce a small bluetooth gizmo that they have stitched [...]

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Revealing AutoImmunity

Revealing AutoImmunity Thumbnail

I love collecting data, in fact if running didn't lend itself so well to data collection and analysis I may well have made a different choice back in 2005 and taken up watching baseball instead. I've jumped onto every method of self quantification since taking up the sport - gps, pace, heart rate, weight, body [...]

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Infinitely Hard Eggs

Infinitely Hard Eggs Thumbnail

I am a big fan of eggs. They are nutritional power houses and are one my staple foods at the moment. I'm in the middle of a paleo-style detox (Whole 30) and so my current diet consists pretty much of eggs, meat, fish and vegetables. In order to keep up with my voracious egg consumption [...]

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