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Convert a Route to a Garmin Course File

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I've been preparing cycle routes for my new bike commute and while that part of the process has been pain free and successful, the art of transferring the route to my Garmin Forerunner 920XT so I can follow it as a course, has been a royal pain in the proverbial. I have managed it though [...]

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Operation Surgical Spirit

Operation Surgical Spirit Thumbnail

This weekend was going to be epic. Mileage to the max plus a curry with Rach. We ticked the curry off no bother, which just left the miles to deal with themselves. The plan was for Lynn to drop me close to the start of the Grantham canal which happens to be in Nottingham, she'd [...]

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Battling across Hastings

Battling across Hastings Thumbnail

We had an unexpected trip to Hastings and decided to take on one of the local lengthy walks. I'd heard about the Rye to Hasting coastal walk but was surprised to discover that the route from Rye station to White Rock Hotel was a whopping 13 miles - what possesses people to walk that far? [...]

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Uphill from Box Hill to Epsom

Uphill from Box Hill to Epsom Thumbnail

Next weeks race t-shirt dropped through the letterbox this morning. I wonder how many people will use that as the a perfect get out of jail card and abandon the trouble of racing at next weeks Great Trail Run at Keswick. It certainly crossed my mind. I run for pride as well as t-shirts, so [...]

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