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Suspended Animation

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Ideally rest days should be scheduled rather than stumbled upon. Yesterday I accidentally arrived at midnight without exercising and therefore declared it a rest day but it was not restful. I must have told myself at least 6 times during the evening that I should exercise but I was quietly resistant and unfortunately still a [...]

Janathon Rowing

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Barefoot Rowing

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I was scheduled for another run this evening but after watching Biggest Loser UK and seeing myself get thrashed by one of the contestants over the 5k distance, I didn't feel much in the mood for running. I opted to row instead and as I've been reading about the new rage for barefoot and/or strapless [...]

Barefoot Rowing


Buns of Steel

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I joined a virtual rowing club yesterday and now find myself weighed down with rowing related responsibilities. There are at least four monthly challenges in the indoor rowing scene and now I have to do it for the Team. I felt fairly sprightly this morning and sat astride the Concept 2 fully prepared to polish [...]

Janathon Rowing


The Winter Cross Training Concept

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The Hal Higdon marathon plan includes one day of cross training every week. My fear of recurrent plantar fasciitis pain has made me determined to include at least one (preferably two) days of non-running activity in my weekly schedule for injury proofing purposes. Settling on the cross training activity of choice has been a little [...]

London Marathon Rowing