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Helly Hansen and Pistols at Dawn

Helly Hansen and Pistols at Dawn Thumbnail

It's the middle of the day, the middle of a work day. I am focussing on this jumble of numbers and easing my way towards a stress headache when my phone vibrates to alert me to the fact that JogBlog has been running. Again. Since I accepted her Helly Hansen Winter Duel Challenge 3 days [...]

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Winter Wolf and other Dirty Weekends

Winter Wolf and other Dirty Weekends Thumbnail

I seem to be lurching from one dirty weekend to another but who's complaining? Last weekend we were at Winter Wolf for our first attempt at the Leicestershire course. It has such fabulous quality mud that this is now my favourite adventure course. The black soggy clay grabbed me firmly above the knee and did [...]

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Office Space Race

Office Space Race Thumbnail

I haven’t been exercising much recently, in fact I managed to lurch from the Autumn Wolf run to the Winter Wolf run with only 4 training sessions between the two seasons. If I let that sort of lackadaisical attitude continue I’ll have to stop calling myself a running blogger. With that in mind I’ve been [...]


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Roundshaw parkrun

Roundshaw parkrun Thumbnail

Sometime after my 3rd failed ultra, I smartened up and decided to re-focus my efforts on less lofty goals. Shorter goals. I have therefore embarked on a program designed to drag my 5k time back to a value I might be prepared to publish on the blog. This is week 2 and my second parkrun [...]

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Bushy parkrun 10th Anniversary

Bushy parkrun 10th Anniversary Thumbnail

We set off in a massive, diverse crowd. I was initially worried that I may trample on the toddler stood in front of me but that soon turned to concern that I might not actually be able to keep up with her. That set the tone. I battled it out with the youth and the [...]

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Maxi-minimal Running Shoes – Can Altra replace Hoka

Maxi-minimal Running Shoes – Can Altra replace Hoka Thumbnail

Having been a committed, t-shirt wearing, fan of Hoka ultra-cushioned running shoes for more than 2 years, I’ve recently started to consider the options and allowed my eyes to wander. It’s not that I’ve become disillusioned at all, in fact I want to find something very similar to a Hoka, just perhaps, a bit better. By [...]

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Panasonic Action Camera meets The Wolf Run

Panasonic Action Camera meets The Wolf Run Thumbnail

The Wolf Run is becoming a bit of habit. We skipped summer but by the end of the year will have dragged our way across Woods, Obstacles, Lakes and Fields in 3 out the 4 seasons on offer. Last weekend was The Autumn Wolf and it didn't disappoint - muddy hilarity for the whole 10k. [...]

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The Power of the Playlist

The Power of the Playlist Thumbnail

We got a swanky new treadmill recently, so despite the horrendously hot weather conditions I am choosing to do most of my running indoors, without air con and without a fan. Within 5 minutes I have wilted terribly and my chances of staying on to complete my usual target of 5k are slim. It is [...]

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A Juneathon Triple

A Juneathon Triple Thumbnail

I've had a mini streak. 3 days jogged and logged but I've fallen at the blogging hurdle. Each run has been just a tiny bit worse than the last one. It started on Friday with a late night run after an "end of exams" celebratory evening. I valiantly tackled the hilly, round the block, circuit [...]

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Canvas Prints of Event Photos

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If you follow me on twitter or facebook you would have been seriously tempted to unfriend me last week. Having just completed in the “best obstacle race ever”, I proceeded to jabber on about it. Incessantly. I’ve been wearing the finishers bracelet at work and the big Wolf Run hoody at all available social events [...]

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