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Panasonic Action Camera meets The Wolf Run

Panasonic Action Camera meets The Wolf Run Thumbnail

The Wolf Run is becoming a bit of habit. We skipped summer but by the end of the year will have dragged our way across Woods, Obstacles, Lakes and Fields in 3 out the 4 seasons on offer. Last weekend was The Autumn Wolf and it didn't disappoint - muddy hilarity for the whole 10k. [...]

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The Power of the Playlist

The Power of the Playlist Thumbnail

We got a swanky new treadmill recently, so despite the horrendously hot weather conditions I am choosing to do most of my running indoors, without air con and without a fan. Within 5 minutes I have wilted terribly and my chances of staying on to complete my usual target of 5k are slim. It is [...]

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A Juneathon Triple

A Juneathon Triple Thumbnail

I've had a mini streak. 3 days jogged and logged but I've fallen at the blogging hurdle. Each run has been just a tiny bit worse than the last one. It started on Friday with a late night run after an "end of exams" celebratory evening. I valiantly tackled the hilly, round the block, circuit [...]

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Canvas Prints of Event Photos

Canvas Prints of Event Photos Thumbnail

If you follow me on twitter or facebook you would have been seriously tempted to unfriend me last week. Having just completed in the “best obstacle race ever”, I proceeded to jabber on about it. Incessantly. I’ve been wearing the finishers bracelet at work and the big Wolf Run hoody at all available social events [...]

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The Wolf Run: The Aftermath

The Wolf Run: The Aftermath Thumbnail

This weekend we took part in our first Obstacle Race - The Wolf Run. A 10k trail run through Woods, over Obstacles, across Lakes and finally through Fields. Our team photo says it all, it's wet, muddy and results in belly aching hilarity. There are many obstacles, ranging from tyres, cargo nets, monkey bars, water [...]

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Crawling along the Vanguard Way

Crawling along the Vanguard Way Thumbnail

The Vanguard Way is a bloody wonder. Who would have thought that in this day and age you could walk from the coast to London city passing through an entirely rural corridor. I was dropped off near Forest Row, quite a way up from the coast and set the challenge of making it home before [...]

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Not a Lot of Fun on The Royal Military Canal

Not a Lot of Fun on The Royal Military Canal Thumbnail

Both fitflo and jogblog have noticed my absence and have been kind enough to send out a search party. I'm still here, quietly dabbling with Janathon, which of course is not the point - Janathon is supposed to be shouted about on a daily basis. There has been some daily form of exercise happening. This [...]

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An Icy Thrill

An Icy Thrill Thumbnail

I've written off three pairs of shoes in the last month and have come perilously close to not having the right shoe for the job since then. Today's run on Mitcham Common was crying out for a hardcore trail shoe that could spit in the face of mud and other soggy park crud. Fortunately I [...]



Trying to Resist the Promise of Speed Enhancing Shoes

Trying to Resist the Promise of Speed Enhancing Shoes Thumbnail

I've had to set the parental controls to block my own access to QVC as I have a tendency to fall prey to a hard sell. In fact, if they pick the right product range I'm a pushover for an extremely soft sell. My particular weaknesses are cleaning products and running gadgets. Cleaning products promise [...]

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Gadget Snobbery

Gadget Snobbery Thumbnail

I'm a confessed gadget snob, always chasing the next best thing in the running world (*). In contrast, Lynn is from the make do and mend side of society. I'm a little jealous, it's the right way to be, but I seem unable to resist the lure of sporty bling. She has however, caved in [...]

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