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Gasping at parkrun

Gasping at parkrun Thumbnail

I stopped breathing at parkrun last weekend. Nothing too dramatic, and no paramedics were called but I did go red and gasp a bit. It was an entirely orchestrated warm up technique that follows my latest obsession with breath holding or apnea training for running performance. This particular warmup consisted of me walking as many [...]

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Stuck on Sprint

Stuck on Sprint Thumbnail

Eager to get Juneathon off to a promising start, I set the alarm for 6:30 am and almost skipped my way downstairs to the treadmill.  I selected level 9 in my Sprint 8 high intensity program and sauntered through the warm up before shocking myself with the first incline sprint of the series.  I haven't [...]

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This Girl Can but hasn’t….much

This Girl Can but hasn’t….much Thumbnail

I was delighted yesterday to be awarded with the Janathon Baton of Shame for my exemplary performance in the lethargy and idleness arena. I truly did mean well when I signed the dotted line and committed myself to daily jogging, logging and blogging, but then I got sick. I took to my bed at 22:30 [...]

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Confused Tabata

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My schedule called for 6.5 mins of Japanese inspired, high-intensity, treadmill torture. I set my phone app to beep at 20s and 10s intervals, indicating torture and relaxation intervals respectively, performed a gentle warmup and then attempted to coordinate the start button pressing on 3 devices - the iPhone app, the Garmin and the treadmill. [...]

Janathon Running

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The Science of Fitness

The Science of Fitness Thumbnail

It seems customary to invent Janathon exercises and as I'm not well enough to even rattle off two bed sit-ups, I've also created my own - the sport of reading sporty books. Preferably from under a duvet. I was recently sent The Science of Fitness, Power, Performance and Endurance and it seemed like the perfect [...]

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A Metronomic Start to Janathon

running cadence

This is the first Janathon where I haven't logged a run within minutes of the midnight chimes. I did plan to, I had my kit laid out next to the bubbly but when push came to shove my cold and a deep sleep overcame me and I retired to bed instead. A truly wild and rocking [...]

Janathon Running Technique

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Move! The Cheek of New Gadgets

Move! The Cheek of New Gadgets Thumbnail

The arrival, this morning, of a new and exciting watch encouraged me to ignore my rapidly filling sinus cavities and venture out for a tentative jog. I opted for a trail run around the local mud common and as anticipated it was tough and wheezy. I was so excited by the finish alert from my new [...]

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Helly Hansen and Pistols at Dawn

Helly Hansen and Pistols at Dawn Thumbnail

It's the middle of the day, the middle of a work day. I am focussing on this jumble of numbers and easing my way towards a stress headache when my phone vibrates to alert me to the fact that JogBlog has been running. Again. Since I accepted her Helly Hansen Winter Duel Challenge 3 days [...]

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Winter Wolf and other Dirty Weekends

Winter Wolf and other Dirty Weekends Thumbnail

I seem to be lurching from one dirty weekend to another but who's complaining? Last weekend we were at Winter Wolf for our first attempt at the Leicestershire course. It has such fabulous quality mud that this is now my favourite adventure course. The black soggy clay grabbed me firmly above the knee and did [...]

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Office Space Race

Office Space Race Thumbnail

I haven’t been exercising much recently, in fact I managed to lurch from the Autumn Wolf run to the Winter Wolf run with only 4 training sessions between the two seasons. If I let that sort of lackadaisical attitude continue I’ll have to stop calling myself a running blogger. With that in mind I’ve been [...]