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The Road to Tipperary

The Road to Tipperary Thumbnail

Finding myself unexpectedly in the City of Londinium, I very nearly allowed an impromptu tour of the local Porter houses to scupper my Janathon attempts. It started with an extremely fine pint of Guinness in The Tipperary. I always think of Guinness as a horribly bitter drink requiring at least one shot of blackcurrant to [...]

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The Insanity Test

The Insanity Test Thumbnail

My knees have been suffering since the weekends run so I've decided to focus on some core training. If I had any guts at all I'd be enrolling myself for a foundation course of crossfit but I'm sadly lacking in that department. Instead I have pulled out the Insanity DVDs so that I can sweat [...]

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Stout Only

Stout Only Thumbnail

There was a shameful lack of true exercise today. My intentions were good for about 15 hrs of the day but they just floated away by about bedtime. Guilt made me swing the kettlebell before I laid down but I had to cut that short as the cat was threatening to leap into the path [...]

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Stoking the Furnace

Stoking the Furnace Thumbnail

I mistook the absence of snow for evidence of a gloriously mild morning. It is easy to make meteorological errors when assessing the weather conditions from under a warm duvet. The truth revealed itself pretty quickly when I set off on this morning's long run. I was repeating last weeks circular route from Putney Bridge [...]

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Best Laid Plans

Best Laid Plans Thumbnail

While a number of Janathoners were embarking on their first park runs (jogblog and femmerun), and others were trying new park runs (Travelling Hopefully), I'm afraid to admit I was still lying in bed. I was awake enough to witness the pre-parkrun hubbub on twitter but not sufficiently awake to do anything about it. By [...]

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Accidents are Inevitable

Accidents are Inevitable Thumbnail

I can't write a great deal as I appear to have wrenched my arm out of its socket. It may have something to do with my latest fad. It's a recycled fad which previously dislocated multiple vertebrae so I count today's Janathon exercise as an improvement. The stout was a success but you surely can't [...]

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Ten Green Bottles

Ten Green Bottles Thumbnail

Ok, it's 21 and they are brown but regardless, they represent the challenge still ahead. Another 21 days of jogging, logging and blogging and another 21 bottles of stout. Given the mad January dash of treadmill running and cushion jumping its hard to believe that we've ticked off barely a third of Janathon. Its been [...]

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Sickness and Recovery

Sickness and Recovery Thumbnail

I've been ill for a couple of days now so you could call today's Janathon offering either heroic or lame, depending on your sympathy levels. I've been drawn to a video by kinetic revolution showing standing jumps as an ideal exercise for improving knee alignment an reducing patellar femoral pain. It's basically the standing block [...]

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Cloudtec On – The Cloudsurfer Review

Cloudtec On – The Cloudsurfer Review Thumbnail

I've been sporting a trial pair of On Cloudsurfer running shoes for the duration of Janathon. They are the odd shoes with built in clouds, otherwise known as the CloudTec system, in the sole. You look at these shoes and either think fad or innovation. When they first came out I probably veered towards the [...]

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In Need of a Bath

In Need of a Bath Thumbnail

A friend commented on my blogging the other day and said that while she was completely fascinated by my route maps and device obsession, what she really wanted to know was what I think about when I run. I think she was being polite and was really asking, "Why do you do this running thing? [...]

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