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Can I Improve my Insulin Response with a Month of Exercise? Thumbnail

January of course means Janathon, a month of daily exercise and good intentions so it’s a great month to test the impact of exercise and other healthy choices. Alongside running, I intend to spend January testing my blood sugar. I'll be checking in on a daily basis to see the impact of exercise on my [...]

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A Great Fitness Assessment

A Great Fitness Assessment Thumbnail

I spent much of the afternoon worrying. I'd been offered a full Bupa fitness assessment by the Great Run sponsors and I was fretting. I'd spent the last 3 weeks either in my sick bed or recovering from the effort of dragging myself out of it. I was not really in the mood for a [...]

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9 Top iPhone Apps for Runners

9 Top iPhone Apps for Runners Thumbnail

I’ve been running with my iPhone for a couple of years and I think I have now got a fairly stable armory of running or health related apps that I would be prepared to recommend. I’ll split them into 4 sections and go from there. The Running Logs The iPhone is my ever present mobile [...]

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Personlised FIRST Training Schedules – A Marathon in 3 days a Week Thumbnail

Crossing the line at the end of the Great North run I felt elated, 10 mins later I was sick and feverish. Any fitness I had in September disappeared over the next 5 weeks as I feebly battled a chest infection. Now that I’ve more or less cleared my chest and started venturing back onto [...]

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Extending Google Maps

So, here is the tube map showing progress to date, you may have to zoom out to catch the extremes, depending on the size of your screen: **UPDATE** I've removed the image as it seems to be slowing the blog down and crashing folks computers, you can still view The Full Screen Map over here. [...]

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It’s Christmas!

You should see the floor of my flat - tis littered with no end of exciting possibilities. I could of course take a snap and show you but then you'd see the truth, which involves an awful lot of boxes, wrapping and all those other things that I haven't quite got round to putting away [...]

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Weird and wonderful routes to Warriorwomen

This post is surely asking for trouble but here goes. A recent plugin - Firestats - has opened my eyes to the wonders of google searches and more specifically the search terms that lead visitors to this site. Some are quite painful: Iliac crest pain in back and hip but others are darn right uncomfortable: [...]

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Worrying Developments

I am slightly concerned about two new obsessions that seem to be gaining a foothold. Firstly you may have noticed that a whole load of ultrarunners have suddenly gatecrashed my blogroll and therefore my regular reading list. Yesterday my new book arrived, Ultramarathon Man by Dean Karnazes, and I stayed up til 3am to finish [...]

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Psychic Bloglines

What's happened to Technorati lately? I use it to keep track of recent posts in all my favourite blogs but it is just not playing fair anymore. It's telling me that a lot of my fellow bloggers haven't been active in over 100 days when I know for a fact that they've been at their [...]

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Down with TramadoL****

At last I have found a plugin to deal with the mountains of spam winging its way to this blog. The latest update of Movable Type helped but spammers like TramadoL1234 kept getting through the spam filter. Repeatedly. Thankfully I was alerted to the cure all by That Canadian Girl. The panacea comes in the [...]

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