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How to make a Cool Impossible Slant Board

How to make a Cool Impossible Slant Board Thumbnail

This blog post shows you how to build your own slant board so you can follow the core strength routine featured in Eric Orton's new book, The Cool Impossible. Eric is the coach from Born to Run, so he knows a thing or two about running efficiency and injury proofing the body. He uses the [...]

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Practically a Proper Runner

Two years after starting the course at the Running School, I am finally in a position to share the results. I had my last session on Monday and while I expected to nip in, take a quick video and escape, I was actually taken through a gruelling interval session honing my posture while sprinting up [...]

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Return to Running School

Return to Running School Thumbnail

Just over 18 months ago I enrolled myself on a crash course at The Running School determined to overhaul my running style and evolve into an efficient, faster, pain free runner. Back in the summer of 2011 I was racked with plantar fasciitis pain and experimenting with barefoot running as a potential cure all for [...]

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Learning to Run

It's my bithday soon and for a gift my mum wanted to send me off for dancing lessons - she's worried I'm going to embarass her with the first dance at the wedding. I managed to persuade her that I was beyond redemption, wouldn't be attempting anything beyond a pitiful shuffle and that I'd get [...]

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If the Knee Hurts

If the Knee Hurts Thumbnail

It feels as though I've done a lot of whingeing over the last 3 months. I've gone from chest infection to pulled calves to meniscal tears and it's beginning to sound like I'm manufacturing my own get out of the London Marathon free card. It was rather convenient then that Craig Carroll contacted me last [...]

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Crossing the line at the end of the Great North run I felt elated, 10 mins later I was sick and feverish. Any fitness I had in September disappeared over the next 5 weeks as I feebly battled a chest infection. Now that I’ve more or less cleared my chest and started venturing back onto [...]

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Barefoot Ralph

Here's an excellent video from Terra Plana showing the speed with which you can transition from heel strike to forefoot running just by going barefoot. In the video, Barefoot Ralph is taken through his paces by Lee Saxby who runs masterclasses in the Pose technique. I heard about the video after listening to the interview [...]

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Running Commute No 6

Shakti joined me for a short run around the block last night. She hasn't been running for a few months so she was even more reticent than usual. I've said before that running is a ridiculously psychological sport but Shakti has got to be the most psychological runner I know. We start at a reasonable [...]

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Big Bum Running

I'm a bit out of sync with my posting but I wanted to slip in an update for the weekend which was quite active on the running front. Firstly my new shoes arrived: Asics Kayano X11's and Asics Gel Trabuco trail shoes. The first pair were simply a direct replacement for my existing Kayano's - [...]

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Technical Running

I went on the treadmill this lunchtime and tried the Balke test for determining my V02 max score. This involves running as far as you can in 15 mins, I actually ran for 20 mins so I obviously wasn't pushing hard enough, but I still managed to get up a fair speed. I actually managed [...]

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