Skate Fresh

I had my first training session on the new skates today. I booked in with Skate Fresh and had a private session with Louise, along the Serpentine Road in Hyde Park.
I’m really glad I opted for a lesson, I learnt loads – I can just about start skating and I can almost stop and almost turn which is brill. It would have taken me months and loads of bruises to fathom it all out for myself. Just need to get out and practice now. This of course is the tough bit, its hard to motivate yourself to go out and make a complete tit of yourself in public.

Skates with Previous Form

I ordered inline skates from ebay and they arrived today. I’ve been pushing them around the lab and occassionaly ventured as far to put one foot in. I was well excited, until…..

This email arrived from the seller:

“with regards to breaking wrists thats why i sold them bought them wore them and have spent the last four weeks in cast broke right wrist in four places found feedback rather funny get some wrist supports from an expert in breaking bones good luck”

I feel doomed!