At the special request of Jogblog who always manages to pick great t-shirts with running events tagged on as a bonus, I have set up my own homage to the tatty duster material I get landed with.

Maybe when I get a whole stack of them I might go really nerdy and have them turned into a special little quilt. If you fancy making your own you can get the instructions here.

Ever worried about the right time to wear your race t-shirt? Check here for the definitive guide to race t-shirt wearing etiquette.

17/06/12 Great Trail Challenge

A fabulous, tough challenge based over either 10k, half or full marathon distances. I completed the half marathon and only just lived to tell the tale.

Given that it was organised by the same folk as the Great North Run I was surprised at how few competitors attended in its first showing. I’m sure the ranks will swell for next year now that word has got out.

This isn’t an easy event by any means, much of it wasn’t runnable unless you have the genetics of a mountain goat but it provides a challenge at least as tough as the likes of hellrunner and Grim 8 etc.

Race report for the Great Trail Challenge held in Keswick.

19/09/10 Great North Run 2010

If you are only going to do one race a year it may as well be one of the Great series and the Great North Run is clearly the best of the lot.

2010 marked the 30th anniversary of the event and it must have been the first year in it’s history that it’s actually rained.

Rain suits me though, keeps me cool, calm and collected. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to speed me up.

The t-shirt is bright blue this year – possibly described as royal blue?

Race report here.

14/09/09 Great North Swim 2009

Great North Swim T-shirt 2009

So I braved this event for the 2nd year running and enjoyed it just a smidgeon more I think.

The weather was great, the organisation was much improved and the whole event somehow managed to double in size without feeling too chaotic. Who would have thought that there were more than 4500 wetsuit owners in the country?

The t-shirt isn’t as flash as last year, grey marl always looks a bit cheap I think but this year they offered it in different sizes which has got to appeal to the masses.

21/06/09 London to Brighton 2009

London to Brighton t-shirt

This t-shirt was actually an optional extra so the whole event proved to be a bit pricey but then it was a proper charity event so I shouldn’t whinge too much. I’m rather fond of red and this is a quality, classy number.

Like the “Great Run” folks, it seems that having picked a colour that works they tend to stick to it. I saw a number of earlier editions of the London to Brighton event tops and they were all red and of a very similar design. Gives me a good excuse not to bother with the event again though.

Been there, done it, got the t-shirt.

Enough said.
05/10/08 Great North Run 2008

Great North Run 2008

All the Great Run t-shirts are worthy of the name.

I love these events and the t-shirts are designed to be worn with pride. I’ve got quite a few of them now though and I wouldn’t mind if they switched to a new colour next year, much as I like the blue-grey tone a bit of variety can’t go amiss.

Race report here.

13/09/08 Great North Swim 2008

Great North Swim 2008

This was the first swim event in the Great “run”/ swim series. Apparently they have more planned for 2009.

Race report over here.


06/12/08 British London 5k


I have a fairly strong recollection of spending New Years Eve, getting slightly drunk and entering every race on the UK running calendar, strangely though, I manage to get all the way to July before taking part in the first race of 2008. After a slack 6 months it is not too surprising that this race proved to be exceptionally slow for me.

The British London 5k is the baby sister of the 10k, it starts at 8:30 so that all the runners have finished and cleared off the route by the time the 10k’ers start at 10:30. The route takes in the embankment and parliament square and includes the patriotic brass bands that the event is known for. Not quite as much public support for this event as the 10k but still fun and the queues are much more manageable.

Race report over here.


01/12/07 Grim 8



Nice T-shirt eh?
Race report over here.


04/11/07 Loseley Park 10k

Loseley Park 10k T-shirt

A very safe t-shirt for quite an unsafe race. Definite ankle spraining opportunities in this event but thats what you get with cross country events. That and a lot of mud.

Great weather, fine and dandy course, lovely company, what more could you ask for in an event? I think it was pretty cheap too so no complaints with the t-shirt.

Race report here.


30/09/07 BUPA Great North Run

Finishers T-Shirt

Here’s a t-shirt designed to be warn the next day, either for bragging rights or to explain why you are hobbling off the tube like an incontinent 80 year old. Tis made from thick, good quality cotton and is a kind of bluish grey, the photo suggests it is more blue than grey but my eyes say the opposite. It’s a very popular t-shirt as well, Shakti has already tried to nab it from me but I shall just refer her to the rules of race t-shirt ownership – see no 10.

Brilliant, brilliant, event. If you can be at all bothered to travel all the way up North for a run I would definitely recommend this. I can’t imagine another race making you feel so warm and gooey inside. Mind you, if you are a super duper good runner aiming for a sub 1:30 pb you might not like all the sideline festivities designed to hold you back a bit. This is one for the smiley happy runners.

GNR Running Vest

I’ll be doing it next year but might break the bank by staying over on saturday and sunday night, I think it would be a bonus to miss the exodus out of South Shields.

And for completeness, here is the running vest I completed the event in. It was provided by my charity: Wheelpower. Must say those iron-on letters worked an absolute treat as the supporters cheered me on by name.

Race report over here.


02/09/07 Sports Aid Gyro 10 km


Just a fruits of loom white cotton number but its fairly thick cotton and tasteful enough to wear without a running excuse. I’m showing the back of shirt here, the front is fairly minimalist, sporting an open font G in the bottom corner.

They had womens specific t-shirts as well, which had an interesting cut, but I decided my belly button is best left covered and so opted for the shapeless blokes version.

Good event this, it’s held on my doorstep which awards it multiple bonus points. The route is along the river between Chiswick and Hammersmith bridges and finishes at the civil service sports club which laid on a bbq for and an open bar – yowser!


12/08/07 SheRunsHeRuns Bluewater 10 km

Bluewater 12082007

This is a special t-shirt because its a proper running shirt – real techy fabric and everything. It’s unusual for race organisers to provide commerative t-shirts that you’d actually want to run in.

My photo isn’t quite doing justice to its full glory. I entered the race late so had to pick it up on the morning of the event. As everyone else was wearing the little peachy red number, I had to whip mine on quick or risk being a pariah for the whole run. This shot was taken post race and is slightly marred by the pint or so of sweat it absorbed during the morning. Nice eh?

I understand the colour runs in the wash too, so hold it back til you have a full load of peachy red clobber.

Race report is here.


15/07/07 Brighton & Hove Running Sisters – Trailblazers

trailblazer tshirt

Women only this one.

A fairly tough but rewarding run around the South Downs with pretty much an equal amount of ups and downs. The route is well marked with either painted arrows or friendly marshals. This year they organised a walk at the same time as the run which is good for non running mates but there wasn’t a huge turn out – it was positively received nontheless.

Here is the course t-shirt, I didn’t actually get one but Shakti who beat me home did. Not sure what the criteria is for getting one but maybe you have to be just a bit faster than me. The entry was £15 I think so not too bad with or without the t-shirt. Mind you I do like the t-shirt, I think the blue panted lady has a striking resemblance to my own running self.

Race report


Every Saturday 9am – Bushy Park 5k Time Trial

BPTT T-Shirt

This is my new favourite t-shirt!

BPTT has got to be the best thing in West London as far as running is concerned, early risers are welcomed every week, rain or shine, including xmas day. The event is FREE! and well organised and provides accurate, timely race results and stats via the event website.

The time trail is maintained by volunteers and actively encourages all comers with its friendly and supportive atmosphere. Set your alarm and come along.


July 1st 2007 – British London 10k

British 10k London Run

I haven’t discovered time travel yet but as the t-shirt arrived this morning and because its the best duster I have so far I thought I’d include it.

Race report will follow but expect it to be a tale of woe, it is on record as being one of the worst organised races in history, second only to the shambolic Great Escape run.

Nice t-shirt though and it has a back:

British 10k London Run - back


I’ve now done the race and although it had a few organisational issues at either end of the run, I would really recommend you have a go at this one. It is such a joy to run along this central London route with the roads closed off and supporters lining the sides. It gave me a feel for what the London marathon would be like.

Race Report

May 13th 2007 – Stratford Sprint Triathlon

Not sure how I feel about this t-shirt but it was a fantastic event, brilliantly organised and as a result I will not hear a bad word said about this pink work of art.

Stratford 220 Sprint Triathlon


March 25th 2007 – The Great Escape

The Great Escape

Absolute pants! That goes for the run and the tatty bit of cloth I swapped for twenty two of my British pounds.


Boy am I bitter about this one!

Race report.


October 9th 2006 – Nike Run London – North vs South

My first running event. I remember her fondly. I could gush about its wonders or you could go and read the race report.

Nike Run London

The t-shirt was a strange one. Its the only shirt thus far that could be classified as a sports top. It did use technical fabric in the construction, just not very much of it. It had to be worn for the run and it pulled in an alltogether unflattering fashion. It was also completely transparent which meant I had to run with another shirt underneath and therefore nearly collapsed with heat exhaustion.

Still, it all looked very nice in the photos and I still see people running in theirs almost a year later.

As you can see on the back it says “We South” and we won by the way!

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  1. stephanieontour

    Oh this is fabulous, I have acquired myself loads of t-shirts over the last few months and other than piling them up and training or sleeping in a few of them I haven’t figured out what to do with the, Sadly, the idea of throwing them out is a step too far.

    This could be the trick to their swansong !

    On the British 10k, I got the same t-shirt as you but I noticed lots of other 2007 varieties out there on the day. This model doesn’t really flatter I have to say, the white front and wafer thin material are unforgiving.

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    oohhh I like! I wated to do something like this but I wear them to train in so I never had them all washed at the same time!

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