Here’s a selection of spreadsheets and other fitness resources that I’ve shared on the blog at one time of another:

Powerlifting Tools

– Inverse Juggernaut Method Spreadsheet

This post explains how the Juggernaut method works for strength training using both RPE targets and auto-regulation methods. I share my spreadsheet template for the Inverse Juggernaut method which flips the standard reps and set targets.

Inverse Juggernaut Method Spreadsheet

– DIY Mace Swinging
How to practice the ancient art of gada (or mace) swinging for less than a tenner.
The idea of a mace is that it provides a ridiculous offset in weight distribution which accentuates the work required by wrist and forearms and the circular nature of the swinging is great for shoulder mobility.
It may look a bit rough and ready but it still works the arms and shoulders like it’s pricey steel counterparts.

DIY Mace or Gada

– DIY Weightlifting platform

This post demonstrates how you can build your own portable weightlifting platform from ply and stable matting. Theses are required for olympic lift practice and deadlifts. Dropping plates without a platform ruins lives! Without this DIY miracle the patio would be crazy paved and a divorce would be imminent.

DIY Portable Weightlifting Platform.

Diet tools

– IIFYM and Renaissance Diet Calculator

This post explains how the IIFYM and Renaissance Diet calculator works. It’s a great tool for determining your macronutrient targets based on your body goals. It can also be used to split your daily targets down to meal targets – hardcore.

IIFYM and Renaissance Diet calculator

Running Tools

– FIRST Training Plans

Based on the book Run Less, Run Faster which clearly sounds too good to be true.

This spreadsheet tool allows you to draw up your own marathon and half marathon training plans based on the principles in the book and the FIRST training methodology. I have expanded the training paces to enable the slower runner (like me) to be able to stay the course.

FIRST Personalised Training Plan

– Blister Avoidance

This post includes a video explaining how I tape my feet for long distance events in order to avoid blisters. It’s proved to be an excellent way to keep the feet healthy and pain free.

How to Tape Your Feet for Blister Prevention

– How to make a Cool Impossible Slant Board

This has proved to be one of my most popular blog posts. It was inspired by Eric Orton’s book The Cool Impossible and shows you how to make a slant board that you can use to follow the strength building exercises in the book.

How to make a Cool Impossible Slant Board

Planning Tools

– Achieve the impossible dashboard

This tool is based on the book Achieve the Impossible by Greg Whyte. The book is designed to help you plan and achieve amazing physical challenges and this dashboard uses the same principles to monitor your progress.

Achieve the Impossible Dashboard