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Best Laid Plans

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While a number of Janathoners were embarking on their first park runs (jogblog and femmerun), and others were trying new park runs (Travelling Hopefully), I'm afraid to admit I was still lying in bed. I was awake enough to witness the pre-parkrun hubbub on twitter but not sufficiently awake to do anything about it. By [...]

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Good For Nothing

I got accused of mis-selling myself this morning. It seems that I have a record of portraying myself as an active sort who is known to occasionally entertain with stories of puddle running, cold water immersion and wholesale slug annihilation, but who now seems to have turned into a bit of a lazy good for [...]



Reasons to Blog

I wasn't going to blog today but as both JogBlog and FitArtist have made the admirable commitment to blog everyday this month, about anything and everything, I thought the least I could do was blog about a bone-fide run, even if it was short one. Their challenge is entitled NaBloPoMo which is perfectly explained in [...]



Utility Run

I'm supposed to be off work at the moment on study leave but it may as well be called gardening leave as I'm spending all my time on the allotment. Today I thought I'd make my non-studying day a little bit more productive by running to the plot and I'm glad I did as it [...]



Enduring Love

Well you all creeped me out with your comments to my last post, how am supposed to run along the canal without fear of being shot by some misplaced American gunslinger or tumbling into floaters of dubious origin? I'd planned another running commute yesterday and even went as far as packing my running clobber and [...]

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Brand New Running Commute

My social life has been unusually brisk over the last week or so and while it hasn't entirely prevented me from running, it has interfered with my blogging. Not to fear though, it looks like I'm going to be starting yet another new job, way back out west again in the public transport no-go zone. [...]

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New Shoe MoJo

I cut last weeks long run short to attend pressing matters at the allotment so this week I thought I'd reverse my priorities - head to the plot first and then leave the afternoon free for running. After a few hours of digging in the wind I couldn't decide if I was more in need [...]

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Gratuitous Naked Photo Post

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For those folk that enjoyed the tale of the early morning wake up call by the nearly naked runner, here's a quick update to show you that she still hasn't learned her lesson. I was out of the house early this morning as I was volunteering at the running (RPTT). My plan was to do [...]


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The Long Road to Pyjamas

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Having spent the whole of boxing day sitting in my pyjamas it's not all that surprising that today I felt the need to both take some exercise and find a replacement for my now threadbare sleeping attire. So this morning I togged myself up in my classiest luminous yellow running gear, slung the salomon pack [...]



It’s Christmas!

You should see the floor of my flat - tis littered with no end of exciting possibilities. I could of course take a snap and show you but then you'd see the truth, which involves an awful lot of boxes, wrapping and all those other things that I haven't quite got round to putting away [...]

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