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Stir Crazy in Swinley

My new once a week running schedule is just not sufficient to keep me sane. By Sunday I'm absolutely climbing the walls. I'm still off work, with college/study/mahjong-playing leave and have been going stir crazy. All week I've been promising myself a weekend treat splashing around the muddy trails of Swinley Forest and I bought [...]



Pancake Flat

I've been playing around with google earth trying to get some snazzy topographic viewpoints but even after I've discovered the button to exagerate the vertical displacement even my hilliest of routes look flat. Here is an example of my assorted Broadmoor routes, where my max ascent must top a whopping 35 metres! I then stumbled [...]



MTB Champ?

My time at Broadmoor is rapidly running to an end and I need to exploit this fantastic area before it's out of my life, forever. With this in mind, Jason drove out today and met me at the Look Out for a blast around Swinley Forest on the mountain bikes. This is part of our [...]



The Beast is Back

My super little heart broken garmin has been returned. In fact the nice people at garmin have given me a brand new forerunner 305 as the original clearly had a terminal cardiac issue. Good warranty service, yay for Garmin! So I'm now having to sneak through Broadmoor security with two heart rate monitors, a strange [...]

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Break Out

Two weeks of working within a high security setting is starting to take its toll - talk about claustrophobic! I wasn't sure if I could face another run this evening but after I made it through the fourth airlock to freedom, I just wanted to break free. I didn't want to tie myself to the [...]

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Broadmoor Hospital Perimeter Run

Broadmoor Hospital Perimeter Run Thumbnail

I started at Broadmoor this week so there has been a sudden slump in my exercise levels. No more cycle commuting for a month which loses me 110 km of road riding straight off and it's not all that practical to include a running commute to the mix either. Still, I have reached some sort [...]


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Running Commute No 8

Grief it was cold today and windy, but I shouldn't complain - it seems the wind was in my favour for most of the route and that never normally happens. I felt really strong at the end, my hip was hurting but I had stacks of puff left and finished with my fastest time so [...]