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It’s Grim Down South

Forgive me bloggers for I have sinned. It has been three weeks since I last got off my fat arse and moved faster than a shuffle. I was suffering from infectious slobitis and generalised exam anxiety, but that is over now and today I paid a big price for my excessive slothfulness. Sitting here shattered [...]

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First Last

First Last Thumbnail

Finally the time trial bandwagon arrived in Richmond Park and I was there to "enjoy" the inaugural event. What a gorgeous day! Freezin, crisp, but absolutely beautiful, I've had to nick a couple of photos off the parkrun site to illustrate the morning and save me going all poetic. I think Paul S-H was the [...]

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Gyro 10k

Gyro 10k Thumbnail

Isn't it lovely when the powers that be decide to organise a running event slap bang on your doorstep? I was still luxiariating in my bubble bath as registration was opening, which has got to beat bouncing up and down with a fitness first instructor as a way to warm up...... mmmm let me see..... [...]

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Bluewater 10k – What No Cows?

Bluewater 10k – What No Cows? Thumbnail

It was a less than an auspicious start to my East London running debut. I took the carb loading to a whole new extreme and I was still bulging at the seams when I was dragged from my bed this morning at 6am. Knowing that it was a ridiculously early start I had travelled over [...]

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Lanterne Rouge

The day dawned excessively early as Shakti and I were off to the Trailblazers event in the South Downs, Shakti was booked in for the 4 mile walk and I had opted for the 6 mile trail run. We both like to arrive places early so with each of us allowing for emergencies we arrived [...]

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20 Km Route – Kew & Putney Bridge Eight

20 Km Route – Kew & Putney Bridge Eight Thumbnail

This long figure of 8 loop, is another flat, largely traffic free, riverside run, that forms an extended version of Boat race run. You could start this pretty much anywhere, with Barnes Bridge or Hammersmith being the most obvious points to join. If you start at Barnes, take the river trail from Barnes Bridge, along [...]



3.5 Km Route – Chiswick Bridge and Barnes Bridge Round

As with all the Thames running routes, this is a flat course (apart from climbing the steps to each bridge) and includes a really nice scenic stretch. My particular favourite view is taken just after Barnes Bridge as you run by the The Ship pub on the way towards Chiswick Bridge, its a little industrial [...]


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Running with Everytrail

I'm still intent on running home once a week, so today I repeated the exact same running route as last week. I again finished the 10k distance in 1hr 20mins, and was strangely within 15 seconds of my previous time. Given that it was direct replay of last weeks route, there isn't much point me [...]

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