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Zombies, Run! The iPhone app

Zombies, Run! The iPhone app Thumbnail

I'm Runner 5 and I've just been dropped into a zombie filled wasteland. It's 11pm and I am, to put it politely, shitting myself. I'm the sort of girl who curls into a ball at the mere suggestion of being chased. I may even scream a little. So, I was a little surprised that I [...]

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Cheated by my iPhone app, long runs and doughnut eating

Cheated by my iPhone app, long runs and doughnut eating Thumbnail

I was grateful for the Audiofuel app this evening. I'd geared up, taken myself outside into the late night drizzle only to hear the dying beep of a flat Forerunner. Thank goodness for the new app - I flicked to the pyramid interval session and set off for my hilly loops. I was still pleased [...]


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Trail Runner and RaceBunny – A Perfect Complement for the GPS & Mac Enabled Runner Thumbnail

I think I've arrived late to the party but I've just stumbled upon a brilliant piece of software that can actually give Sporttracks a run for it's money. TrailRunner is a superb piece of kit that acts as a standard GPS enabled training log but with added mapping and routing wizardry. I haven't had enough [...]

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9 Top iPhone Apps for Runners

9 Top iPhone Apps for Runners Thumbnail

I’ve been running with my iPhone for a couple of years and I think I have now got a fairly stable armory of running or health related apps that I would be prepared to recommend. I’ll split them into 4 sections and go from there. The Running Logs The iPhone is my ever present mobile [...]

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Garmin Forerunner 310XT – The Review

Garmin Forerunner 310XT – The Review Thumbnail

Having abandoned treadmill running in favour of the great outdoors it wasn’t long before I began to bemoan the loss of my preferred running watch the Garmin Forerunner 305. I long for pretty maps to illustrate my outdoor running routes and spur me on to explore my surroundings and for that you need GPS. Fortunately [...]

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Comparing Commutes with Ascent for Mac

Comparing Commutes with Ascent for Mac Thumbnail

I did the cycle commute twice last week, first on the painfully slow Brompton and then on the super speedy Specialised Sirrus Pro. I was expecting to shave at least 10 minutes off my time on the road bike. Here's what actually happened: I presume my current fitness level is the rate limiter and not [...]

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Running Festival and Marathon Mag Giveaway

Running Festival and Marathon Mag Giveaway Thumbnail

Two mile runs seem to be the new black (@JogBlog) and my latest spree of treadmill couplets must make me positively gothic. I’ve slipped to beginner runner status again but I’m gradually pulling back and feel happy to be putting in some mileage even if its slow and single figured. The ballot results for the [...]

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Garmin Forerunner FR60 – The Review

I can get over the treadmill boredom frontier by sticking a gruesome thriller on the iPod but the absence of a reliable data capture device (or sports watch) could call the end to a beautiful gym relationship membership. I’ve worked my way through a number of fancy running watches over the years but my latest, [...]

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London to Brighton – Geeky Stuff

As promised earlier, here's the route map for the London to Brighton 2009 Bike Ride, courtesy of RunSaturday. I've also added the speed splits from Sporttracks just to illustrate how painfully slow the process was. I've currently got my log set up to show running and jogging paces but its quite interesting to see that [...]

Cycling Event

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Brompton World Championships – 2008

I am such a social cretin before an event and watching the city boys arrive at the coach station in their pin striped suits and titanium s-bar bikes didn’t go anyway towards making me feel at home. I cheered up a bit on arrival at Blenheim when friendly faces appeared out of the crowd and [...]

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