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Great North Run

The Great North Run and the ABC Plan

The Great North Run and the ABC Plan Thumbnail

It's always good to have a plan B but why stop there? The A plan would have seen romping home at the Bupa Great North Run in a new personal best of somewhere shy of 2:56:14 but when I failed to lose the 2 stone accumulated since the last PB I knew it was unlikely. [...]

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Alternative Wisdom for the Great North Run – 9 Insider Tips Thumbnail

As I prepare to head up north for my fourth running of the Bupa Great North Run, I feel it is time to assemble a top tips post, illustrated with snippets from earlier race reports. Treat the Great North Run as 4 individual stages - XLMan from the runnersworld forum let me re-post his race [...]

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GNR Anxiety

GNR Anxiety Thumbnail

The Great North Run race pack arrived yesterday. A high level of anxiety followed its opening. Enclosed was a Team Bupa technical t-shirt which was so tight it finished a good few inches above my belly button. It might have super wicking properties but I don't think the good folk of South Shields deserve the [...]

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Keep Running Fat Girl

Keep Running Fat Girl Thumbnail

Don't you just love kids? She was barely more than four years old and I'd only gone about a kilometre before she yelled out from the sidelines, "Keep running fat girl!" Nice one. Kids actually make this race. They line up with their grubby hands outstretched for a high-five and I love it when they [...]

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The Gadgets Keep Getting Bigger

The Gadgets Keep Getting Bigger Thumbnail

We took receipt of the largest box in the world yesterday. I am just beginning to get over the stress of it now. It took 3 of us to haul it across the threshold and then I spent the rest of the afternoon emptying the dining room of extraneous clutter such as dining tables and [...]

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Long Distance Limbo

Long Distance Limbo Thumbnail

I needed a long run this weekend, something to confirm that I could complete the Great North Run without crumpling. We were away at the in-laws so I opted for the canal run. A remote out and back trail with no opportunities for rescue or abandonment. Perfect. Out and back runs offer up an interesting [...]

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Great North Run 2008

I love this event, it is a complete pain to get to, it costs a fortune, it's almost impossible to get out of South Shields before night fall, but it still remains the highlight of my year. Grubby street urchins high fiving you, toddlers squirting bottled puddle water at your feet, spectators cheering and offering [...]

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Fancy a Bottle of Dog, Pet?

The Great North Run has got to be the most self-indulgent running event in the race calendar, I personally could handle this kind of ego boost on a monthly basis, I would say weekly, but as I'm still unable to walk so I think that might be pushing it. Look how happy I am barely [...]

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Great North Run – Race Tips

This time next week I ought to be sitting in a South Tyneside pub celebrating the end of a half marathon. I'm pretty apprehensive about the event, the travel arrangements are just mind boggling and both me and OGB have decided to just arrive and hope we get dragged in the right direction. Every time [...]

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