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Fast Exercise for Janathon

Fast Exercise for Janathon Thumbnail

I've planned a lazy day so my exercise needs to be over and done with quickly today. Time to call on Fast Exercise, which is the term coined by Dr Mosley, of Intermittent Fasting fame, to describe a variety of High Intensity Training routines. The book is all the rage at the moment but I'm [...]



The Road to Tipperary

The Road to Tipperary Thumbnail

Finding myself unexpectedly in the City of Londinium, I very nearly allowed an impromptu tour of the local Porter houses to scupper my Janathon attempts. It started with an extremely fine pint of Guinness in The Tipperary. I always think of Guinness as a horribly bitter drink requiring at least one shot of blackcurrant to [...]

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Accidents are Inevitable

Accidents are Inevitable Thumbnail

I can't write a great deal as I appear to have wrenched my arm out of its socket. It may have something to do with my latest fad. It's a recycled fad which previously dislocated multiple vertebrae so I count today's Janathon exercise as an improvement. The stout was a success but you surely can't [...]

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Sickness and Recovery

Sickness and Recovery Thumbnail

I've been ill for a couple of days now so you could call today's Janathon offering either heroic or lame, depending on your sympathy levels. I've been drawn to a video by kinetic revolution showing standing jumps as an ideal exercise for improving knee alignment an reducing patellar femoral pain. It's basically the standing block [...]

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In Need of a Bath

In Need of a Bath Thumbnail

A friend commented on my blogging the other day and said that while she was completely fascinated by my route maps and device obsession, what she really wanted to know was what I think about when I run. I think she was being polite and was really asking, "Why do you do this running thing? [...]

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Porterhouse Rules

Porterhouse Rules Thumbnail

I may have cheated a little by choosing to imbibe the alcohol before I actually earned it but it just ensured that the treadmill running was even more of a challenge. I'm worried this stout tasting might get a bit monotonous. Every sniff thus far has brought chocolate and coffee grinds to mind, offset with [...]

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A Family Janathon

A Family Janathon Thumbnail

I'm a traditionalist, and for the past few years that has meant a midnight run to kick off Janathon. This year my powers of persuasion have improved quite considerably and I managed to encourage Lynn and the kids to join me, in fact this year they practically had to carry me. The hangover was bad [...]

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Stout-athlon: Janathon’s Darker Side

Stout-athlon: Janathon’s Darker Side Thumbnail

Inspired by Lengthorn and his ale a-day Decembeer challenge, I have decided that Janathon needs a less healthy counterpart and have now committed to a combined Janathon and Stout-athlon. So this January I will be exercising in order to offset a single bottle of new stout each day. It has taken some planning and to [...]

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Pinning my Hopes on Janathon

Pinning my Hopes on Janathon Thumbnail

Like many other running bloggers out there, I'm holding out for Janathon. It's excusing my Quality Street excesses and tempering the pain of each incremental ounce appearing on the tanita speak the truth scales. Janathon is a shiny health beacon in a desert of flab an lethargy. Some time back in a moment of resolve, [...]

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The Crushing Pain of Defeat

The Crushing Pain of Defeat Thumbnail

All mouth and no trouser.... Despite wailing, breath holding and more wailing, the all-over body shudder had me collapse in a vainglorious heap after today's #plankaday attempt. A mere 48 secs to Jogblog's 62. Pants! I headed to the rower with the bitter taste of defeat in my mouth. Life didn't get an awful lot [...]

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