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Mitcham Common

Running in a Blast Chiller

Running in a Blast Chiller Thumbnail

I was woken by the chill of frozen cat paws padding across my cheek. She was presumably trying to tell me that I'd forgotten to set my alarm and it was way past the time I had said I was going to be out on my run. I swiped her aside and burrowed deeper under [...]



A Pit Stop in Mitcham

A Pit Stop in Mitcham Thumbnail

Having spent the morning on the allotment, swinging mattocks into rock solid clay I was a bit limp lettuce and couldn't muster much energy for a run. Still, Juneathon must be obeyed, at least in week 1 and I still need as many activity calories as I can get. So I was abandoned (in a [...]

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Fear and Gloaming in Mitcham

Fear and Gloaming in Mitcham Thumbnail

I've articulated my fear of running on Mitcham Common on a number of occasions (try here and here). You'd think I'd know better than to attempt a twilight run with zombie accompaniment but it seems not. Spring is a crap time for accountants and I feel like I've been strapped to a ledger for the [...]



Running Safely with ICE tags

Running Safely with ICE tags Thumbnail

Whenever I run around Mitcham Common my mind drifts off to sudden forms of death. It's a lovely and often deserted place to run but there is something about the vegetation and the lay of the land that makes me think I am exposing myself to a greater risk of an early and unseemly demise. [...]

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Natural Navigation in Ever Decreasing Circles

Natural Navigation in Ever Decreasing Circles Thumbnail

I've been watching Sue Perkins, Alison Steadman and that other fella trying to cross the UK without recourse to a nifty Garmin navigator or even an oldey worldy compass thing. They got on to their hands and knees to examine the differential drying of poo sides, scanned the horizon for the tell-tale sweep of exposed [...]

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Mitcham Common Adventurers

We set off in the direction of adventure and the uncharted waters of the eastern wedge of Mitcham Common. Unfortunately it didn't prove to be entirely virgin territory and we had to endure quite substantial size-related abuse from the native youths walking their bull terriers. It's easy to overlook these scrub-like triangles of Mitcham Common, [...]

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Juneathon 4/30 – Playtime

Juneathon 4/30 – Playtime Thumbnail

I've been looking for an excuse to play with my frisbee for months, so this evening I thought I could mix kids play with speed play and try a bit of fartlek on the common. Mitcham Common didn't prove to be the finest choice for unadulterated frisbee fun. It's covered in long grasses, rabbit holes [...]


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