Running with Everytrail

I’m still intent on running home once a week, so today I repeated the exact same running route as last week. I again finished the 10k distance in 1hr 20mins, and was strangely within 15 seconds of my previous time.

Given that it was direct replay of last weeks route, there isn’t much point me repeating the sporttracks image. Instead I’ve used it as an excuse to introduce my new discovery – I first came across this on The Trail Runners blog which is certainly worth a read.

Everytrail allows you to upload your running tracks directly from your GPS unit, add waymarks and photos and provides a really simple way to share the route as an iframe on your blog. Non of this is all that new really but I’m particularly happy that I can also directly upload the gpx file. This means I can plot out a route on memory map and upload it without actually having to cover the course with my garmin. I used this feature when I needed to plot my friends planned commute. I was able to stick it on the web for him to peruse at work and determine whether it was a manageable distance.

If you use another mapping package that saves the routes in an alternative format (eg tracklogs), you might want to try out GPSBabel which is a free tool for converting routes into the gpx format.

Even a rubber duck runs faster than me

It was a tough psychological run this morning. I took the new route around both the Chiswick and Hammersmith Bridges and I’ve displayed the MotionBased viewport below. It turns out to be an almost perfect 10k route, but its hard on the mind. I’m dreading starting my marathon training when I’ll have to face considerably longer runs each weekend.

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This mornings 8km Run


Click image to enlarge

This is a small extension to the 6.6k route I mapped out a few days ago. It saves me retracing my steps as its a truly circular route. It was nice and cool this morning with quite a blustery breeze, I’m sure this helped to keep my heart rate under control and meant I was able to run the entire route. Oh well, not quite the entire route, as usual I walked up the steps to each bridge and you can see this reflected in the heart rate profile. Still a pretty good effort I think, and makes a stark contrast to the enforced interval training on the 26th. It looks like a heart rate of 160 bpm makes a manageable run for me.

You can check out more details on the MotionBased website again.

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10km Target – Hit!

I ran for a whole 10k this morning.
Nearly crippled myself but I had to do it – that damn gym buddy of mine keeps setting new challenges.
It took me 77 mins which is better than I expected.
More details on the MotionBased site.

New 6.6km Run


Click image to enlarge

I’ve really started to increase the length of my runs now. I blame it on the Garmin Forerunner 305 as it seems to be encouraging me to try out new routes so I can play with them on SportTracks. Here is a satellite screenshot of my latest training run, I’ve taken all the images out of SportTracks.

This route takes me out from my flat, immediately along the Thames and up to Kew Bridge, up and over, back down Strand on the Green til I reach Chiswick Bridge and then a slight retracing of my steps til I make it home again. Nice ole route and not a bad length for my 10k training.

The red bits highlighted on the photo, represent the areas where I dropped down to a walk. Besides the fact that it is a really nifty feature of the SportTracks software, it is pretty abyssmal for a run – init?

I blame it on the weather, tis flippin hot! If you check out my heart rate profile, its clear that my heart rate climbs to around 170 bpm and then I quit and start walking til it gets to about 135 bpm and I can start again. I suppose this is enforced interval training and its meant to be good for you.

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