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Pilgrim’s Progress

With only 2 days left to cover off 3 tube lines the pressure was on today. All started positively as my hacking cough ensured I had a spacious seating arrangement on the tube as it transported me across to the other side of the metropolis. I started to feel a bit more jaded as I [...]

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Salomon Challenge – An Introduction

I was enjoying a nice leisurely Saturday evening when JogBlog reminded me that today was the start of our double challenge combo. Some months ago, Salomon contacted me (and several others) with the offer of oodles of snazzy free stuff in return for the completion of some crazy running feat. I am quite prepared to [...]

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Death by Garmin

Death by Garmin Thumbnail

It's true, my Garmin is trying to kill me. While the BBC are issuing warnings for the UK softies to stay indoors for fear of catching a chill in the forecast cold spell, my Garmin thinks it would be fun to give me hypothermia. It has me standing outside, scantily clad in running gear, hopping [...]



The Long Road to Pyjamas

The Long Road to Pyjamas Thumbnail

Having spent the whole of boxing day sitting in my pyjamas it's not all that surprising that today I felt the need to both take some exercise and find a replacement for my now threadbare sleeping attire. So this morning I togged myself up in my classiest luminous yellow running gear, slung the salomon pack [...]



Latest N-carnation

I've had the Nokia N82 for a few days now so its time to update on my early impressions. I was quite intrigued to see what the N82 actually had to offer, a quick check on the Nokia site seems to suggest that it is damn similar to the N95 apart from the obvious visual [...]

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Chrimble BPTT

Today was the annual showing of the Christmas Bushy Park Time Trial and I've been looking forward to this particular event for about 340 days, since my first introduction to the wonder of the time trial phenomonen back in February. It would have been easy to stay in bed this morning, it was dark and [...]

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Salomon Raid Revo 20

Just made it back from todays running commute, it felt like a tough one but it was improved by the queues of festive travellers, I get a buzz from overtaking cars. We were released from work a couple of hours early so I got to run on the scenic side of the river and cross [...]

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It’s Christmas!

You should see the floor of my flat - tis littered with no end of exciting possibilities. I could of course take a snap and show you but then you'd see the truth, which involves an awful lot of boxes, wrapping and all those other things that I haven't quite got round to putting away [...]

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Gadgets & Gear

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I’m a self confessed gadget freak and another close shave with ebay and a ridiculously expensive but absolutely essential running watch has triggered the creation of this page – my homage to sports gadgets (specifically running gadgets), gear and utilities that you can almost not afford to live without. There is a link to all [...]