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Nike+ Sportband

The Scosche myTrek Running Gadget Review

The Scosche myTrek Running Gadget Review Thumbnail

Scosche myTrek is a wireless pulse monitor that works in combination with the myTrek app on your iPhone or Android smartphone. The full package enables you to set training plans and receive verbal motivation based on target heart rate zones, record your route using the phone's in-built GPS and then seamlessly publish your efforts on [...]

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Swallowed a Fly

I didn't entirely swallow it, mores the pity. It lodged in my throat and wriggled or fluttered as semi-masticated flies have a tendency to do. This was 4k into the "5k Your Way" event for council and PCT employees. It had gone fairly well up til that point, I had pootled along in a resolutely [...]

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Foot Pods at Dawn

It was closer to dusk but the effect was similar - one large, brightly coloured woman trogging down the street with three foot pods attached to her shoes, two watch-like gadgets on her wrists and an iPhone and miCoach pacer bound to her upper arm. I probably looked like a heavily wired suicide bomber, good [...]

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Adidas miCoach Assessment

I step out of my door and find myself mid way up the Col du Norbury. The hill has already wrecked my bike and now it has scuppered my first miCoach assessment. The assessment requires you to start walking and then gradually work your way up the effort scale from 4 to 9. 9 being [...]

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Nike Humanrace and Waterlogged Gadgets

Saturday evening, after entertaining my family with a slightly charred roast lamb joint but a perfectly acceptable bottle of vino (or two), I get an email from Nike. Apparently, if I could resurrect the long dead Nike+ Sportband, and push my sorry arse out of the door, complete with Sunday morning hangover, to complete a [...]

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Nike+ Sportband Dies

The Nike+ Sportband is clearly not designed for use in British weather conditions, after this mornings run in the rain the watch has died on me. It was admittedly tipping it down but it's supposed to be a running watch and runners run in the rain, they have to. The screen has clouded up with [...]

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Afraid of my Shadow

Smack talk from the direction of JogBlog had me climbing out of my pyjamas and into my running shoes, ready to head out into the cold wet night. I thought a quickish blast around the block would be sufficient to stop her thinking I was anywhere close to slacking off yet, and also I could [...]



Utility Run

I'm supposed to be off work at the moment on study leave but it may as well be called gardening leave as I'm spending all my time on the allotment. Today I thought I'd make my non-studying day a little bit more productive by running to the plot and I'm glad I did as it [...]



Nike+ Sportband

Nike+ Sportband Thumbnail

I've taken my time to write this post because I'm not sure whether to come clean about my sins or to attempt a bluff. I was sent the Nike+ Sportband to try out at the beginning of the week but as I don't have holes in my running shoes I couldn't possibly go running before [...]

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