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The Happy Magazine

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My London Marathon acceptance mag dropped through the front door on Friday. It wasn't unexpected as I'd had to defer from last years event due to a frustrating struggle with plantar fasciitis but it has come around frighteningly quickly. I'm still supposedly trying to rest my way out of heel pain but now the mag [...]

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Kingston Breakfast Run morphs into Richmond Lunchtime Run Thumbnail

Last night saw two less than eager runners imbibing carefully measured doses of liquid carbs. It was the night before the much anticipated Kingston Breakfast run and we were supposed to be having a nightcap but ended up winding each other up. For some reason the Kingston race had been declared a music free zone [...]



Study Avoidance Run

Study Avoidance Run Thumbnail

After any major event, of Great North proportions, me and OGB have a tendency to gather around a pint and discuss our potential prowess for next year. So this year, as with last year incidentally, we planned to maintain our new found half marathon fitness by running at least 10 miles every week, thereby avoiding [...]



Great North Run 2008

I love this event, it is a complete pain to get to, it costs a fortune, it's almost impossible to get out of South Shields before night fall, but it still remains the highlight of my year. Grubby street urchins high fiving you, toddlers squirting bottled puddle water at your feet, spectators cheering and offering [...]

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Great Capital Run

Great Capital Run Thumbnail

As is usual for race day, I wake up grumpy as hell and immediately text OGB to remind him that he is entirely responsible for all that is wrong with the world - he replies with something outrageously abusive. A quick look back over previous race reports ought to be enough to remind me why [...]

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World Rubber Crisis

World Rubber Crisis Thumbnail

OGB may well have left London in search of science but he hasn't stopped harassing me. The last email I got from him went along the lines of "how do you fancy doing a 10k race in Cardiff?" Cardiff? That's in a whole different country, why would you bother? He obviously thinks I've gone soft [...]



Death by Garmin

Death by Garmin Thumbnail

It's true, my Garmin is trying to kill me. While the BBC are issuing warnings for the UK softies to stay indoors for fear of catching a chill in the forecast cold spell, my Garmin thinks it would be fun to give me hypothermia. It has me standing outside, scantily clad in running gear, hopping [...]



Chrimble BPTT

Today was the annual showing of the Christmas Bushy Park Time Trial and I've been looking forward to this particular event for about 340 days, since my first introduction to the wonder of the time trial phenomonen back in February. It would have been easy to stay in bed this morning, it was dark and [...]

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It’s Grim Down South

Forgive me bloggers for I have sinned. It has been three weeks since I last got off my fat arse and moved faster than a shuffle. I was suffering from infectious slobitis and generalised exam anxiety, but that is over now and today I paid a big price for my excessive slothfulness. Sitting here shattered [...]

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Cabbage Patch 10

Cabbage Patch 10 Thumbnail

I haven't done a lot of running since the GNR, in fact I haven't done any, beyond the occassional jog in the direction of a bus stop. Illness, DOMS, work and idleness have kept me away from running this autumn but yesterday was the Cabbage Patch 10 so I had to get out and see [...]

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