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Garmin Forerunner FR60 – The Review

I can get over the treadmill boredom frontier by sticking a gruesome thriller on the iPod but the absence of a reliable data capture device (or sports watch) could call the end to a beautiful gym relationship membership. I’ve worked my way through a number of fancy running watches over the years but my latest, [...]

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Chuckles Like Muttley

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Stratford 220 Sprint Triathlon 400 metre Swim - 23 kilometre Cycle - 5 kilometre run Did I give the impression I was apprehensive about this tri-affa-lon thingy? 'Twas a piece of cake and an absolute buzz to boot! My legs are killing me but I have had such a great day and I didn't have [...]

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BPTT Update for 14th April

Another successful run today and a whole new pb! I don't know where they are all coming from but it certainly helps when I've got someone to chase or even better when I have someone hot on my heels - I run and squeal like a girl when I get chased. I was battling it [...]

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BPTT Update for 7th April

Don't know what happened this morning but I slept through the alarm and only made it to Bushy Park by the skin of my teeth. Actually I do know what happened - I was playing around with new gadget, putting myself through my paces by trying out one of the fitness tests. I love these [...]

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Guilt Tripping

I'm feeling pretty guilty and a bit slovenly. I skipped BPTT today so that I could wait for the postman to bring me my new toy. When it arrived I took it back to bed with me so I could check out its functions, but I didn't mean for anyone to feel rejected! I hinted [...]

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Gadgets & Gear

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I’m a self confessed gadget freak and another close shave with ebay and a ridiculously expensive but absolutely essential running watch has triggered the creation of this page – my homage to sports gadgets (specifically running gadgets), gear and utilities that you can almost not afford to live without. There is a link to all [...]



Running Efficiency

I was reading the other night that the most efficient running style is associated with exactly 180 strides per minute. Apparently, almost all athletes run at this cadence regardless of distance and therefore speed. The faster runners just take longer strides. Anyway, I thought I better check it out. So on this mornings run I [...]

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Garmin Forerunner 305 Review

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My last speed and distance watch, the Polar RS200SD was beginning to get a bit tatty, so I took the opportunity to try out the latest thing in sports watches - the Garmin Forerunner 305. The forerunner is a massive wrist computer, no chance of wearing it as a day long watch, which is just [...]

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New Challenge Events

Here is just a collection of endurance style events, I need to pick one to aim for: The 2-Day Polaris Challenge - I've fancied this since I was a kid and saw photos of grimey women crawling knee deep in mud with their bikes. MTB Orienteering or Trailquests


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The Airnimal Has Landed

Well it arrived, a beautiful yellow dream machine. It came flat packed but I managed to keep singing throughout my frustrating attempts to put it together. Really it shouldn't have been that hard, I'm just rather unfamiliar with all the road bike components - never heard of a Ring-go star. View image Anyway, I better [...]

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