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A Return to Richmond parkrun

A Return to Richmond parkrun Thumbnail

It's always easier to pose questions than offer solutions. Despite my last post pondering the training options that might see me recover PB potential in the remaining 3 weeks before GNR, I've somehow managed to spend the entire week on my backside - not a single run has been taken. In search of last minute [...]

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Gratuitous Naked Photo Post

Gratuitous Naked Photo Post Thumbnail

For those folk that enjoyed the tale of the early morning wake up call by the nearly naked runner, here's a quick update to show you that she still hasn't learned her lesson. I was out of the house early this morning as I was volunteering at the running (RPTT). My plan was to do [...]


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RPTT – 12th January

Having been accused, quite outrageously, of not actually doing any training, I thought I ought to set the record straight! I went for a run. Today. It wasn't pretty but then these 5k time trials are not meant to pretty. I would have been last, only the tail end canine - a fairly stout little [...]

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RPTT Update for 8th Dec 07

RPTT Update for 8th Dec 07 Thumbnail

Here's a quick post for completeness. I may still be slacking on the posting front but I am at least back out there and running! I think this week marks the first time since the Great North Run that I have actually persuaded myself to go out of the door on a non-event related excuse. [...]

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RPTT – No 3

RPTT – No 3 Thumbnail

No pathetic excuses this week, I hopped out of bed at the first hint of a fake sunrise and cycled out to Richmond Park. Another beautiful morning (captured by David Rowe) that could have been missed with a lazy lie in. Funny start to todays time trial, even before we set off there was a [...]

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Sleep Running & Virtual Events

Strange morning on Saturday. I was running late for RPTT and found myself having to start the race long after everyone else had set off. On the first bend, alongside the road, I was dazzled by a thick blinding haze. I just had to stop, I couldn't see a thing but I knew there were [...]



First Last

First Last Thumbnail

Finally the time trial bandwagon arrived in Richmond Park and I was there to "enjoy" the inaugural event. What a gorgeous day! Freezin, crisp, but absolutely beautiful, I've had to nick a couple of photos off the parkrun site to illustrate the morning and save me going all poetic. I think Paul S-H was the [...]

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RPTT Update T minus 48 Days

The launch date for the Richmond Park version of the weekly UK Time Trial has been set for the 13th October. The route details have been posted on the site and so today I thought I would go and do an early morning reccy. The plan is to meet around Pembroke Lodge and start the [...]

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