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So you mean this is a running blog?

Here's a tiny update to go with my titchy tiny run for today. It was short and slow but I'm not going to analyse it too deeply, at least I'm back out there and still breathing at the end of it. It's been about 4 weeks since my last run, I fell into a deep [...]



New Shoe MoJo

I cut last weeks long run short to attend pressing matters at the allotment so this week I thought I'd reverse my priorities - head to the plot first and then leave the afternoon free for running. After a few hours of digging in the wind I couldn't decide if I was more in need [...]

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Great North Run – Race Tips

This time next week I ought to be sitting in a South Tyneside pub celebrating the end of a half marathon. I'm pretty apprehensive about the event, the travel arrangements are just mind boggling and both me and OGB have decided to just arrive and hope we get dragged in the right direction. Every time [...]

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Tag You’re It!

Oh dear, I've been had, EatDrinkWoman tagged me the other day and although I did my best to ignore it, I now notice that Kathy got in on the act and tagged me too. Clearly no escape, I have to answer a list of questions, boring you all senseless in the process and then make [...]



Gadgets & Gear

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I’m a self confessed gadget freak and another close shave with ebay and a ridiculously expensive but absolutely essential running watch has triggered the creation of this page – my homage to sports gadgets (specifically running gadgets), gear and utilities that you can almost not afford to live without. There is a link to all [...]



BPTT Update for 24th February

I didn't have the best pre-race prep, unrestrained alcohol and dodgy curries aren't usually recommended in the books. As expected I was suffering a little bit before I set off for the Bushy Park time trial, the early morning ride through Richmond Park perked me up a little bit though. The grass doesn't look too [...]

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Running – The Purists Sport?

pure Originally uploaded by warriorwomen. Running is normally considered the minimalist sport, much favoured by purists who just like to pop on a pair of shoes and head out of the door to freedom. I somehow manage to thwart this image and see a necessity in spending the best part of a months salary on [...]

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Ignoring Heart Rate

As I was running along this morning, dreaming that my pace might actually increase enough for me to one day consider entering a marathon, it occured to me that I only ever run at one pace, regardless of distance. Yesterday I was using Jeff Galloway's race predictor to determine my potentail marathon finish time - [...]


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