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A Stella Run

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I've practically turned teetotal. Unfortunately for today's run there is heavy emphasis on the word practically. For a daily Stella swigger, practically teetotal currently equates to 4-5 alcohol free days. That is quite a turn around and a sign of my commitment to the challenge of the marathon. Today was a break day. The start [...]



Day 9 and the Muddy Face Plant

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Quite early on in the run I decided I was a lazy shuffler. I think the epiphany came 750m into my long run when a dandelion root and a barely lifted foot, sent me sprawling head first into a muddy verge. Any further into my run along the Wandle River and I would have created [...]

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9 Top iPhone Apps for Runners

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I’ve been running with my iPhone for a couple of years and I think I have now got a fairly stable armory of running or health related apps that I would be prepared to recommend. I’ll split them into 4 sections and go from there. The Running Logs The iPhone is my ever present mobile [...]

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My recovery drink of choice is Stella. When I'm on the treadmill I count my distance off in Stella Can Equivalents (SCEs). Last night's 5.58 km run saw me well into the 2 large can zone, which made me happy. In my mind energy drinks are worse even than empty calories, they are Stella deficit [...]



Swimovate Watch

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Entries for next years Great Swim series are open already. Christmas is not a great time to start contemplating squeezing into an overly snug wetsuit, the annual quality street box is already half empty and the strawberry creams are not improving my silhouette. Christmas is a time for trying out new gadgets though so it's [...]

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Great North Swim 2009

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So the big day arrived, not quite the day that every girl dreams of, but as days go it was big enough to require the same sort of dietary preparations. 6 weeks of off and on Stella abstinence brought me to a point where I was prepared to at least attempt a public shoe-horning of [...]

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Bald Penguin Preservation Society

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The Great North Swim is now only a matter of weeks away. I've been swimming regularly but to be honest, the distance is the least of my worries. I pulled the wetsuit out of the cupboard last month, dusted out the moth balls and then attempted the big squeeze...... Not good. I forced the zip [...]



Two Common By Half

The new accessible job arrived and sucked away all my handy exercise avoidance excuses.....time to resurrect the running commute. My first attempt was an unwelcome struggle, my head was in a seriously moany place and my feet were doing that teenage scuffing thing. I made it past two commons lurching in a stop go fashion [...]

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Brompton World Championships – 2008

I am such a social cretin before an event and watching the city boys arrive at the coach station in their pin striped suits and titanium s-bar bikes didn’t go anyway towards making me feel at home. I cheered up a bit on arrival at Blenheim when friendly faces appeared out of the crowd and [...]

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Running Over Old Ground

The race packs seem to be dropping thick and fast through the letter box this week, after the painfully slow 5k at the weekend I came home and opened an envelope to discover I was entered in the Great Capital 10k in just 2 weeks time. Goodness knows when I signed up for that, I [...]

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