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Rapanui Eco Clothing

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I have to buy my own t-shirts now that my race entries have slumped to next to zero per year. I first became aware of the existence of bamboo clothing when The Royal Parks Half issued their first race t-shirt. What a fantastic fabric - it's incredibly soft and has amazing anti-pong qualities. I ordered [...]

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Nike Humanrace and Waterlogged Gadgets

Saturday evening, after entertaining my family with a slightly charred roast lamb joint but a perfectly acceptable bottle of vino (or two), I get an email from Nike. Apparently, if I could resurrect the long dead Nike+ Sportband, and push my sorry arse out of the door, complete with Sunday morning hangover, to complete a [...]

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Great Capital Run

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As is usual for race day, I wake up grumpy as hell and immediately text OGB to remind him that he is entirely responsible for all that is wrong with the world - he replies with something outrageously abusive. A quick look back over previous race reports ought to be enough to remind me why [...]

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Juneathon delays Curry

I was planning to run the Piccadilly line after work but strangely enough I didn't feel like it by the time I'd finished. Nontheless, I am a committed challenge runner so I headed to the loos to change into my running clobber anyway. I let out a less than silent whoop of delight behind the [...]



It’s Grim Down South

Forgive me bloggers for I have sinned. It has been three weeks since I last got off my fat arse and moved faster than a shuffle. I was suffering from infectious slobitis and generalised exam anxiety, but that is over now and today I paid a big price for my excessive slothfulness. Sitting here shattered [...]

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Racing with the Surrey Housewives – Loseley 10k

This post should be subtitled "Portaloo Anxiety", if only to warn you that what follows will be somewhat focussed on bodily functions. However thats giving the game away before I've even started, so lets crack on. Todays race involved me gate crashing the elite Surrey Housewives Set (SHS) for a trog around the muddy woods [...]

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Cabbage Patch 10

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I haven't done a lot of running since the GNR, in fact I haven't done any, beyond the occassional jog in the direction of a bus stop. Illness, DOMS, work and idleness have kept me away from running this autumn but yesterday was the Cabbage Patch 10 so I had to get out and see [...]

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Fancy a Bottle of Dog, Pet?

The Great North Run has got to be the most self-indulgent running event in the race calendar, I personally could handle this kind of ego boost on a monthly basis, I would say weekly, but as I'm still unable to walk so I think that might be pushing it. Look how happy I am barely [...]

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Gyro 10k

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Isn't it lovely when the powers that be decide to organise a running event slap bang on your doorstep? I was still luxiariating in my bubble bath as registration was opening, which has got to beat bouncing up and down with a fitness first instructor as a way to warm up...... mmmm let me see..... [...]

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A Twitching Post

I headed back to Richmond Park this evening for a quick(ish) run around the park with the novelty of daylight in my favour. It felt pretty tough and my accompanying bike buddy was moaning rather a lot about the distance so I cut the route short by heading up a unfamiliar track near Ham gate. [...]

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