Tabio Running Sock Review and Giveaway

I was encouraged out on today’s run by the arrival of some new socks for me to trial and review.

I’ve been sent a fascinating collection of running specific sports socks from the Japanese manufacturer Tabio. Today I tried out the Tabio Racing Run Toe Sock but I also have the lovely lobster styled Tabi Socks and the more conventional Racing Run Sock yet to trial.

The first thing that struck me about the socks was the price. At £28 a pair they are the most expensive sock I’ve ever worn. The last sock I bought also had that accolade but at £21 for a twin pack it was a snip at the price.

I got over the price fairly quickly but that might have something to do with them being a free gift.

They generated rather a lot of excitement in the house, which can’t be said of the other socks I own. Quite the opposite actually.

The Tabio socks have a host of design features, the most obvious in this pair is the individual toe compartments like the Vibram Five Fingers. This supposedly improves balance and push off. I think they look rather snazzy. They’ve also got arch support by way of some nifty weaving and extra large heel compartment to prevent the sock riding up or down. The most useful feature as far as I’m concerned is the skidproof patches on the soles.

I have quite a large middle toe and it tends to get bashed mercilessly on the end of my shoe, after 5km I’ll inevitably have a bruised toenail and by 13km the nail may have pulled completely away. With the non slip design I felt as though my feet held in place and I certainly didn’t feel any impact pain from my toes.

I’m going to try these socks out with a variety of shoes and longer distances so I will soon know if they are toe savers.

Now for the giveaway.

I have two pairs of Tabio Socks: Racing Run and Racing Run Toe Sock size 4-6.5 that I can give away to readers of this blog.

Nothing two onerous, I’ll give one pair to a random commenter on the blog and I’ll give another to the commenter who pleads their case most impressively. Good luck – they really are quite exciting socks.

Lobsters and Cats

Having just returned from 6 hours wandering around the Westfield centre we weren’t terribly eager to go out again and foolishly felt a treadmill mile showdown might be the perfect low energy Juneathon offering.

I was sent some really interesting Tabio sports socks to try out today but unfortunately they were about 4 sizes too small and I had to watch jealously as Lynn nicked a pair for the evening run.

She took the intriguing lobster model and opted to run barefoot or sock-footed for the mile. Apparently the Tabio socks were a huge improvement on the usual sports socks and showed no signs of causing blisters which tends to happen quite quickly with a standard slippy sock and a rough treadmill track. I’ll do a proper review when I’ve had to chance to play with my own. I might also have a pair that I can give away on the blog – more on that later.

The cat was mesmerised by the repetitive pink flash and almost caused carnage in her attempts to grab the lobsters mid stride.

Lynn set the bar at 11mins 51 secs for the barefoot mile and although I had the advantage of going last I had to damn near kill myself to break the barrier by another 5 seconds.

Day 4 Tally
Runs: 4/4
Run Distance: 1.6k / 9.06k total
Runs where I beat Lynn: 4/4
Stella Pint Equivalents: 1ish in the form of champagne