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An Excuse of Seagulls

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I knew today's run was going to be a struggle. I awoke raring to go but somehow managed to squander 90 mins with pre-run faff, I wasted another 20 mins in the car trying to program the sat nav to take me to my "usual" run destination and when I eventually arrived at Putney Bridge, [...]


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Thames Meander Half Marathon

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I've discovered the relative anonymity of mixed distance races and intend to exploit them. The fear of entering official races as a routine, back of the pack runner, is that you stagger towards the finish line to find all the volunteers packing up and waiting impatiently for you to pick up the last remaining medal [...]

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Sticks and Stones

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I picked up a pair of hiking sticks yesterday. I had got it into my head that Nordic running - i.e. running with Nordic Walking poles, would be just the ticket for my decrepit knee. They might have helped the knee but they weren't great for marital harmony. Lynn point blank refused to go out [...]

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Juneathon 2/30 – Southbank Coronary

Juneathon 2/30 – Southbank Coronary Thumbnail

It has to be said that the inaccurately named Non-runner is proving to be quite a good runner. Over the course of the last 5 runs she seems to have developed some lung capacity and the new Audiofuel playlist has played havoc with her pace. Today I loaded her up with my rucksac which must [...]

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Study Avoidance Run

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After any major event, of Great North proportions, me and OGB have a tendency to gather around a pint and discuss our potential prowess for next year. So this year, as with last year incidentally, we planned to maintain our new found half marathon fitness by running at least 10 miles every week, thereby avoiding [...]



Runabout the Capital Ring

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I was so excited by today's proposition that I forgot completely that I always procrastinate for at least 3 hours before leaving the front door with my running shoes. By 8am I had crammed two mini cheese and cucumber pittas, 1 half bag of American jelly beans (I'd raided the other half the day before), [...]

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Knit One, Pearl One

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My running seems to be oscillating wildly between run one, love one, hate one. Today was time for another "love one", thankfully. I wish you could tell how you're going to feel before you set off, when I get a duff run I feel like throwing in the towel and quitting, these are runs to [...]



A bit of Circle Line

I woke with a stinking cold yesterday but as I was in central London for a meeting I could hardly evade a quick tube running session. The plan was to tick off the yellow Circle Line, starting at Aldgate. It seems to me that every photo I've taken on the tube map challenge has included [...]

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Nike+ Sportband

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I've taken my time to write this post because I'm not sure whether to come clean about my sins or to attempt a bluff. I was sent the Nike+ Sportband to try out at the beginning of the week but as I don't have holes in my running shoes I couldn't possibly go running before [...]

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Running Commute Torment

I'm in desperate need of a new running routine, and what better way to kick start a routine than re-starting the running commute torment? I wanted to take the canal route but as I was preparing to leave work, a huge grey cloud was obliterating all the light of day. I spent so long trying [...]

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