Surrey Housewives organise the British London 5k

Where's Dan?

This time last year I came face to face with the world renowned shambles that is the British London 10k.

Fortunately, this time round I was invited to join the Surrey Housewives Set in their annual attempt to show Michael O’Reilly how mass participation events should be organised.

SHS Baggage Drop

Under the auspices of SHS1 the humongous portaloo/baggage drop nightmare of last year was replaced by a rather well equipped room in the Royal Horseguards Hotel no less.

Here we were able to leave our bags and eye up the breakfast that we would devour as soon as we’d got the running thing out of the way. The bathrooms were worth admiring as well, in contrast to the usual race day alternative they were delightfully perfumed and had neat little piles of personal face towels.

Outside, chaos reigned supreme as the afore mentioned Michael O’Reilly forgot to organise the promised baggage buses and the hoi polloi wandered round looking for someone who knew what they were doing.

Race Starter

Luckily SHS1 stepped into the breach and established a start line and pronounced that the race would start in 5 mins, ready or not!

Of course Michael was not ready and so many runners had to set off with their backpacks and handbags slung over their shoulders – they should have joined the Surrey Housewives.

It amazes me that good ole Mikey can arrange for a Spitfire to be plonked in front of the Houses of Parliament each year and for the Dad’s Army band to come and play “There’ll always be an England” but he can’t sort out a functioning baggage drop.


As for the run, it was hot, sweaty, painful but also strangely uplifting – who can fail to attempt a little sprint finish when Chariots of Fire blares out at the end? If pressed on actual numbers I will just admit to having achieved a personal worst but on all other fronts this race has been pushed well into the ranks of personal bests.

Queen's Cavalry

At the end, we were congratulated by the Queen’s Cavalry before being ushered back to the hotel for a continental breakfast with champagne. Quality organising and my only complaint is that now every other race is going feel ever so slightly down market.

7 thoughts on “Surrey Housewives organise the British London 5k

  1. jogblog

    You got free breakfast and champagne? Why wasn’t I told about this race?! All I got was half a banana in today’s race.

    So what was your time then?

  2. Suzan - SHS1

    Quite happy to welcome you as a guest member to the SHS, jog blog.
    We can order in more champagne!

    Can you believe one of the blonder surrey housewifes actually said – spitfire? Where was that?!

  3. Karen

    More champagne… did some one just say more champagne… where.. when… yes please! How come the sun was shining – I didn’t think we had had any of that this summer!… sunshine, run, champagne…almost perfect…

  4. Mar

    I’m going to echo all the ‘champagne’ remarks!
    Screw the medal/tshirt/bib number…gimme something bubbly:)

  5. Speed Racer

    It’s like you’re trying to speak English, but I just can’t understand you! Here’s what I understood: You ran a race, you couldn’t drop off your backpack, you threw Mike O’Reilly into a spitfire in front of the Houses of Parliament, and you ate breakfast and drank champagne with the Queen’s Cavalry on the continent. Did I get it right?

    So what was it? A personal best or a personal worst? And what’s Surry? Does it have anything to do with slurry?

  6. jeanne

    i understood every single word, and i don’t even speak british!

    the part i liked best–getting the running thing out of the way so you could get to breakfast.


    well done, where do i sign up?!?!

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