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Stromer ST1 eBike Review

The Stromer ST1 pedelec was a tricky purchase to make. I have a glut of bikes in the house and this new one was going to cost the same as a brand new Vespa scooter. The view from the household was that I should quit being lazy and just get on my push-bike. That refrain [...]

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Another Suitably Titled Running Commute

Another Suitably Titled Running Commute Thumbnail

I forgot how much preparation these running commutes take, especially in this weather. I should have been at least 24 hours ahead of the game and deposited supplies at work, but I wasn't. Instead I had to try and cram my work and running stuff into the tiny little hydration pack. It didn't all fit, [...]

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A Dithering Commute

A Dithering Commute Thumbnail

Yesterday I announced to anyone that would listen that 3k’s were the new half-marathon. It’s just not true though. A bag of chips and a bottle of Newcastle Brown still tastes like a sin after 3 paltry kilometres. With that in mind I decided to dust off my long distance shoes and attempt another running [...]

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Comparing Commutes with Ascent for Mac

Comparing Commutes with Ascent for Mac Thumbnail

I did the cycle commute twice last week, first on the painfully slow Brompton and then on the super speedy Specialised Sirrus Pro. I was expecting to shave at least 10 minutes off my time on the road bike. Here's what actually happened: I presume my current fitness level is the rate limiter and not [...]

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Easter is about chocolate, lots of, and family stuff and as the latter involved a weekend at the in-laws with loads of artificially enhanced kids, it also turns out to be fairly conducive to running. I haven't been very successful with my running recently so I was grateful that we were in the flatlands of [...]

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Two Common By Half

The new accessible job arrived and sucked away all my handy exercise avoidance excuses.....time to resurrect the running commute. My first attempt was an unwelcome struggle, my head was in a seriously moany place and my feet were doing that teenage scuffing thing. I made it past two commons lurching in a stop go fashion [...]

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Knit One, Pearl One

Knit One, Pearl One Thumbnail

My running seems to be oscillating wildly between run one, love one, hate one. Today was time for another "love one", thankfully. I wish you could tell how you're going to feel before you set off, when I get a duff run I feel like throwing in the towel and quitting, these are runs to [...]



Another Commute

This grotty summer weather is doing wonders for my running. It just needs to threaten drizzle and I'm grabbing my trainers, or at least I'm thinking about grabbing my trainers as I'm the world's worst procrastinator when comes to running. I'd scheduled a run for first thing Saturday morning but although I kept putting the [...]

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Running Over Old Ground

The race packs seem to be dropping thick and fast through the letter box this week, after the painfully slow 5k at the weekend I came home and opened an envelope to discover I was entered in the Great Capital 10k in just 2 weeks time. Goodness knows when I signed up for that, I [...]

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Red-lining Through London

At 5:15 this evening I threw my non-conforming budgets into the air and stepped away from the computer. I had a bus to catch and it's becoming obvious that I won't be able to maintain my usual level of commitment to the day job and still hope to complete this challenge. It took an hour [...]

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