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The Whole 30 Challenge

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I'm nearing the end of the Julia Buckley Fat Loss program with just 2 more weeks of hard graft before I take the final measurements and review the before and after photos. Julia's program has a very structured training plan but the nutritional aspect has been left much more fluid, enabling the recruits to guide [...]



Big Fat Sitting Duck

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Hardcore workouts appeal to me, at least the “idea” of hardcore exercise appeals. I have a copy of Insanity and have once attended a British Military Fitness class, I’ve even watched Jillian Michaels on the telly and I can confirm that it was a brutal experience. The latest initiative by UKpaintball.co.uk may well be a [...]

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KiFit Body Monitor – The Update

KiFit Body Monitor – The Update Thumbnail

I've been wearing KiFit body monitor for 3 weeks now and have just downloaded the stats for analysis. I love this bit. I have masses of data points for each day and feel compelled to create myself a database to store it all in. I can look back on each day determine my calorie intake, [...]

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Running Snacks and Protein

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I'm on the look out for the perfect running snack to sustain me through the long runs. I know that the sugar laden syrupy shots are very popular, but they make me gag and besides, refined carbs play havoc with my weight. As a runner with a weight problem I struggle with the concept of [...]

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Ki Fit Body Monitoring Gadget

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I've been watching back to back episodes of the Biggest Loser for quite some time now and in the later series the Bodybugg became an integral feature on the flabby arms of the contestants. I'm not sure why the new gadget took so long to register with me but within three days of me acknowledging [...]

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9 Top iPhone Apps for Runners

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I’ve been running with my iPhone for a couple of years and I think I have now got a fairly stable armory of running or health related apps that I would be prepared to recommend. I’ll split them into 4 sections and go from there. The Running Logs The iPhone is my ever present mobile [...]

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Great North Swim 2009

Great North Swim 2009 Thumbnail

So the big day arrived, not quite the day that every girl dreams of, but as days go it was big enough to require the same sort of dietary preparations. 6 weeks of off and on Stella abstinence brought me to a point where I was prepared to at least attempt a public shoe-horning of [...]

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Tag You’re It!

Oh dear, I've been had, EatDrinkWoman tagged me the other day and although I did my best to ignore it, I now notice that Kathy got in on the act and tagged me too. Clearly no escape, I have to answer a list of questions, boring you all senseless in the process and then make [...]



Health Statistics

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Latest Nerd Diet Stats Here is the latest trend chart, updated at PhysicsDiet.com and based on the Hackers Diet principles that I blogged about here. The blue line is the exponentially smoothed moving average (trend) and green means great! Monthly Phys Stats Here are the approximately monthly results from the speak your weight machine: [TABLE=2] [...]


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It struck me a few years ago that my life was a little unbalanced, in that my love for all things cerebral seemed to prevent me from taking part in anything physical. As a consequence my health wasn't all that smart and I weighed in at a massive 22 stone! Walking to the corner shop [...]