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Jawbone Up – Another Geeky Bracelet Review

Jawbone Up – Another Geeky Bracelet Review Thumbnail

I've never been one for jewellery but I don't seem to be able to resist the lure of a bit of black rubber around my wrist. I started with the Nike Fuelband, complete with Star Trek inspired flashing lights and have now discarded that in favour of the more subdued Jawbone Up. For a few [...]

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Upbeat Protein Drink Review

Upbeat Protein Drink Review Thumbnail

Its not unusual for me to review my diet and decide that there is an excessive proportion of carbohydrate in the fuel mix. Then I'll embark on a period of clean living where the bread, potatoes and pasta are rejected in favour of lean meats, eggs, fish and vegetables. If I want to stick a [...]

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Adidas Energy Boost Review

Adidas Energy Boost Review Thumbnail

Adidas have created quite a stir with their latest shoe release. On launch date I walked past a substantial queue of eager runners outside the Oxford Street branch. I may have been excited by the product but I was not tempted to camp out for running shoe even if they do promise a significant energy [...]

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A Second Look at the Ki Fit Body Monitor

A Second Look at the Ki Fit Body Monitor Thumbnail

Two years ago, inspired by the Biggest Loser, I purchased the Ki Fit Body Monitor. There followed a relatively short-lived love affair with the gizmo which promised so much gadgety joy but delivered more frustration - check here for the review of the Ki Fit. The idea is that the armband is a 24/7 body [...]

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IceSpike and Yaktrax for Snow Running

IceSpike and Yaktrax for Snow Running Thumbnail

For an urbanite living in a city where snow falls for approximately 2 days in every 365, it does seem a little excessive that I have 2 different sets of ice cleats and snow grips. As London transport tends to collapse at the first hint of a snow flake, and commuters are left to fend [...]

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Cloudtec On – The Cloudsurfer Review

Cloudtec On – The Cloudsurfer Review Thumbnail

I've been sporting a trial pair of On Cloudsurfer running shoes for the duration of Janathon. They are the odd shoes with built in clouds, otherwise known as the CloudTec system, in the sole. You look at these shoes and either think fad or innovation. When they first came out I probably veered towards the [...]

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The Yale Keyless Lock for Runners

The Yale Keyless Lock for Runners Thumbnail

It's not unusual for me to run with a backpack containing a single fruit sherbet and a bunch of keys. It may be a bit over the top but keys are a problem for runners. If I try to unthread the single front door key from the rest of the bunch I run the high [...]

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The Nike FuelBand Review

The Nike FuelBand Review Thumbnail

At first sight the Nike Fuelband appears to be little more than a black plastic wristband. If you explore further you'll find a button, and on pressing you will discover an array of colourful LED lights. It's quite cool and it tells the time (for a brief moment) but I'm not sure this level of [...]

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Zombies, Run! The iPhone app

Zombies, Run! The iPhone app Thumbnail

I'm Runner 5 and I've just been dropped into a zombie filled wasteland. It's 11pm and I am, to put it politely, shitting myself. I'm the sort of girl who curls into a ball at the mere suggestion of being chased. I may even scream a little. So, I was a little surprised that I [...]

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Zico Coconut Water Sports Drink Review

Zico Coconut Water Sports Drink Review Thumbnail

I arrived home today to find about a gallon of coconut water samples sitting on my doorstep. For a brief moment I wondered why no one offers me any Stella samples to review but 5 mins into my latest exercise fad routine I was desperate for a refreshing and healthy sports drink. I've started Insanity [...]

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