World Rubber Crisis

OGB may well have left London in search of science but he hasn’t stopped harassing me. The last email I got from him went along the lines of “how do you fancy doing a 10k race in Cardiff?”

Cardiff? That’s in a whole different country, why would you bother?

He obviously thinks I’ve gone soft and will sign up for any old event, I did afterall allow myself be bullied into the “Great North Swim“. Yup, I did say SWIM.
It’s apparently the first mass participation swim event ever, styled by the organisers of the Great North Run, and involves thousands of folk jumping into Lake Windermere and trying to swim over each other to reach the other side – a mere 1 mile away.

Sounds like great fun if you don’t drown.

Wiley Coyote

One minor problem with this event is that it requires a wetsuit. Not surprisingly there is a huge shortage of off the peg wetsuits in my size so I’ve had to go down the made-to-measure path. How scary is that?
I’ve just gone through the measuring process and sent the figures off to Snugg for verification, I can see them now with calculators in hand, trying to determine if they possess that much rubber.

I’m not looking forward to the receipt of this item, it will require me to come face to face with my excesses. This suit will presumably be the size of a rolled flat me, where the hell am I going to store it?

What’s more, I can’t spend 200 quid on an outfit for 1 event. This is going to be the start of numerous wetsuit donning activities, OGB is just going to have to invest in a bike, I see triathlons ahead.

6 thoughts on “World Rubber Crisis

  1. Runner Leana

    Congratulations on the new wetsuit – that’s so exciting! If I’m going to continue with triathlons I’ll have to commit to a wetsuit next year since the water temperatures are definitely not warm enough to go without, and who wants to do pool tris all the time? I can’t wait to hear about your swim!

  2. Runner Leana

    And sadly no, my dog is not a runner. He is a wee little Westie who loves his walks but has absolutely no desire to run long distances. He’s great for hikes though!

  3. claire

    Ooo this great north swim sounds so much fun! My flatmate is in training for some iron-man triathlon – that does not sound fun.

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  5. Speed Racer

    You could just get neoprene booties and walk around the edge of the lake to the other side.

    And if you’re going to pay 200 quid for it (or, $5,000,000 American), do not ever let it out of your possession!

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