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Sickness and Recovery

Sickness and Recovery Thumbnail

I've been ill for a couple of days now so you could call today's Janathon offering either heroic or lame, depending on your sympathy levels. I've been drawn to a video by kinetic revolution showing standing jumps as an ideal exercise for improving knee alignment an reducing patellar femoral pain. It's basically the standing block [...]

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If the Knee Hurts

If the Knee Hurts Thumbnail

It feels as though I've done a lot of whingeing over the last 3 months. I've gone from chest infection to pulled calves to meniscal tears and it's beginning to sound like I'm manufacturing my own get out of the London Marathon free card. It was rather convenient then that Craig Carroll contacted me last [...]

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Day 6 and another Running Commute

Day 6 and another Running Commute Thumbnail

I took my nordic poles into work today. I proper ummed and ahhed about it, but in the end I decided the health of my knee might be worth a bit of humiliation through Brixton. When the heavens opened, mid afternoon, I was so grateful, imagining empty streets in which I could gallop along, bounding [...]

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New Year, New Fridge Magnet

New Year, New Fridge Magnet Thumbnail

Oh golly, by 11.50 NYE my eyes where rolling backwards in their sockets. I hate that feeling - I blame the homebrew sloe gin, feckin potent stuff. At 12:10 I  got the feeling it was time to exploit the anaesthetic effect of New Years Eve and pulled on the running toggs. Lynn and I headed [...]

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To run or not to run

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I started my last long run in the barrel of an MRI machine and finished it 9.2 k later skipping up the steps of the local Morrisons where my lady was waiting. I felt on form and on top of the world. Somewhere between then and now my running world took a big knock. My [...]



Another Suitably Titled Running Commute

Another Suitably Titled Running Commute Thumbnail

I forgot how much preparation these running commutes take, especially in this weather. I should have been at least 24 hours ahead of the game and deposited supplies at work, but I wasn't. Instead I had to try and cram my work and running stuff into the tiny little hydration pack. It didn't all fit, [...]

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Injury Groans

Injury Groans Thumbnail

I’m spending my morning learning how to cross my legs. Apparently I am supposed to work my right knee into the back of my left calf and wiggle. I’ve never been the sort of lady who can sit with an elegantly crossed knee, I have slightly more inner thigh than is absolutely necessary and it’s [...]

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EA Sports Active

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I took receipt of the latest wii fit incarnation, EA Sports Active, during the last heat wave in June. It was 33' out and I decided to embark on a 40 minute challenging work out in the front room. The kids were suitably intrigued by the contents of the box – a rubber strap with [...]

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Tight Tabards

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I have had a long held, yet chronicly resisted urge, to run around a muddy field under the command of some fella wearing army fatigues. Today I caved in and signed myself up for a trial run of the british Military Fitness experience. A very weird thing. It's like an S&M version of school PE [...]

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Pink Line Down

I completed the Hammersmith and City line today. I had initially planned to run it as a single long run but in the end I took 3 attempts at it. I'm trying to take it gently with my back but today it was seizing up every time I stopped to take a photo and then [...]

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